SKIN | The Ordinary skincare review

The Ordinary skincare products: Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Alpha Arbutin

I’ve written about products from DECIEM’s NIOD and Hylamide ranges before, but The Ordinary is the line that everyone’s excited about because it’s so goddamn cheap (like, ten New Zealand dollars per bottle). The whole vibe of the Ordinary is offering single-ingredient-focus formulas that can be layered and coordinated into a routine that addresses your skin’s specific concerns.

The entire point of marketing is to tell people what outcomes and benefits a product will give them, and that’s one of the places where The Ordinary are saving their money. The challenge with their ingredient-focus concept for a lot of people is knowing which products to choose. I feel like I have a pretty sound grip on what skincare ingredients are and what they do, but it took me a while of navigating their website and doing some extra research before I decided on the products I wanted to try.

SKIN | Aspect Extreme C


You’re meant to introduce new skincare to your routine one product at a time. I do this… it just happens that those times are all on the same day! I’ve been trialling the Aspect Extreme C 20 serum* lately and there’s no risk of this one causing irritation. Its extreme name is indicative of the extreme effects it has on your skin, but they’re the good kind. Shaving-five-years-off-the-age-you-appear kind of good. I don’t know if I really want to look nineteen again, but you’re never too young to start with anti-aging skincare, right?