LIFE | Mecca Maxima is in Wellington!

Mecca Maxima Wellington haul

Mecca Maxima Wellington opened last week and I was invited to check it out on opening day. Wellington has been waiting for this for a long time—the Christchurch store opened earlier this year, but before that there has been a whole host of beauty brands virtually impossible to get in New Zealand.

The opening was conveniently in the school holidays (I see what you did there, Mecca) and there were folks queuing practically around the block, so it’s not just me that was excited. I ducked away from work over the lunch break (an extended lunch break, okay) to check out the store—and there’s lots to be excited about.

EYES | How I do my makeup for glasses

I remember having a long and heated argument with an ex-boyfriend about whether wearing fake glasses for fashion purposes was stupid or not (I said it was, he said it wasn’t). That argument isn’t relevant today because although these glasses don’t have my prescription in them, they will very shortly, and I need that prescription to be able to see properly. You don’t see me wearing glasses on my blog that often because it’s hard to take photos without getting reflections in the lenses, but I wear them every day of my life.

The glasses I’m showing off in this post are the Marc Jacobs Havana frames*, a very cool and slightly outside of my comfort zone pair of glasses that have newly come into my life as a gift from Smart Buy Glasses. They’re blue! The longer I’ve worn glasses, the braver I’ve become with the style I wear—I started out with quite a conservative Carter Bond pair before my current default frames from Bailey Nelson.

Despite intending to write this blog post years ago, I’ve never written about how I change my makeup for glasses, so I’m going to do that today!

FACE | Affordable Postie+ beauty buys

Postie beauty products - W7, BYS, Ulta3 bargains

Postie+, land of school uniforms, tiny-child-sized fluorescent hunting jackets, and incredibly affordable makeup! Wait, let’s call it what it is—cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap! If your beauty budget is small, your spending on beauty should be sized accordingly, but it’s hard when you have two MAC counters in your vicinity and a Mecca Maxima on its way. (I’m talking about myself, in case you couldn’t tell.)

The last time I went to a Postie+ store was in Paraparaumu where I got a super-cheap flannel shirt and a buttload of makeup wipes for $2 a pack, so it was super exciting when the Postie+ beauty section came to me in the form of a giant haul from their PR. Lots of the stuff here is neutral in tone, making it super functional and practical, eyeshadows in particular. I mean, the fact you can get a whole decent 12-shade eyeshadow palette for like fifteen dollars… who needs Urban Decay, anyway! (I uh… I don’t mean that.)

LIFE | Project Pan

Hyacinth Girl project pan

I’ve been thinking about embarking on a Project Pan for a while now. I even filmed a video about it the other week, but after watching it back I hated how I looked in it, so it has since been deleted. You can have that video in word form in this blog post, instead.

Project Pan is where you select a certain number of beauty products with the express intention of ‘panning’ them. Panning can mean either hitting pan, or using them up entirely.

This concept of having to actively try to use a product up runs counter to the average person’s experience of makeup. Most people will have one foundation; they use it until it’s gone, and then buy another one. This is not how it works in the beauty blogging world, and so we have to set our minds to finishing products.

It does highlight the excess of beauty blogging, and that’s why I want to get into it. ‘No-buys’ don’t really work for me, and you’ll know about my recent Depression Hauls. Starting a Project Pan will hopefully help me minimise my makeup collection and rationalise my ‘need’ to buy more.

OFYAOFM | ‘A bunch of tiny things for your face’ edition


A while back on Instagram I posted this picture of a bunch of cute tiny things and hinted that something fun was coming. That fun thing is me doing looks with a bunch of miniature products (fun for me, possibly interesting for you), reviewing them real quick then giving away all the products I use (new ones, of course!) I’ve been filling a box with deluxe samples for this purpose and now I’ve hoarded enough to make it work. Read on and find out at the end of the post how to win (hint: it’s by answering this survey).

LIPS | My handbag lipsticks


Looking at the lipsticks in my handbag is the best way to tell which of my lip products I use the most. I do a clear out once a month or so, and I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve been using lately. There’s a bit of everything: gloss, liner, sheer, opaque, matte… if you can put it on your lips, it’s probably in my handbag.

LIFE | Excellent things

It’s Sunday and I’m writing this from a cafe in Auckland, sheltering from the rain before I meet Madeleine for brunch, before the Auckland Makeup Obsessives meet up! I’ve got my camera with me and will have a post up about the meet up later in the week.

But, because I’ve been really restrained with my spending lately and because I have nothing better to do right now, today’s Excellent things post will be a quick wishlist. I don’t have time to expand on everything, so just assume that I want it because it is beautiful.


Clockwise from top left: Trenery Pointelle Wrap; clear umbrella, similar hereOh My Clumsy Heart Ida necklaceUniqlo skirtUrban Decay Revolution lipstick in 69.


WIN | Naked 3, Benefit Porefessional, EOS lip balms & more


I HAVE GIFTS. GIFTS FOR YOU, DEAR READER. Well, maybe, if you’re lucky enough to win this giveaway. You didn’t think I’d relaunch without a giveaway, did you?

Here’s what you can win.

Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, courtesy of myself (I bought this one with my own money, for you)
Benefit Porefessional primer, courtesy of myself again (so generous)
Clinique Lashes Top to Bottom set: High Impact Mascara and Bottom Lash mascara (guess who!)
SIX EOS lip balms: Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Drop, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Tangerine, courtesy of 24 Seven Beauty (these alone are worth more than $80, so mega shout outs to 24 Seven Beauty for hooking you up!)
La’Bonic Organic Mattifying Toner and Organic Spot Targeting Oil, courtesy of La’Bonic (I really like their tea tree range, which these products are from, so thanks La’Bonic too!)

Phew. Wow. Okay. There will probably be extra things in there too because I am a hoarder and I love giving things away. (New things, don’t worry!) Ask Chrissy, who won our last giveaway.

This giveaway runs for a week and it’s real basic. Just like Hyacinth Girl on Facebook, and tell me you’ve done so with the Rafflecoptery thing below. Bonus entries for other things. Get amongst. Tell all your friends. Don’t cheat, or I’ll know, and you won’t win.

Good luck!

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EYES | Eyeshadow primer superpost

eyeshadow primers

It has been a weird week for me. Harriet and I got interviewed for something exciting on Wednesday, and I spent three consecutive nights out drinking with friends (usually I do this zero times a week). Somehow along the way I have completely neglected to write anything for Hyacinth Girl, so I am making it up to you now with this superpost on eyeshadow primers.

We covered face primers recently but I also own pretty much every eyeshadow primer that anyone has ever recommended, due to the fact my eyelids are oily as hell. I figured I might as well tell you guys what I think of them. (Oh and by the way: In loosely eyeshadow-related news I was really excited that my last eyeshadow post inspired Elese to try a similar look.)