HAIR | Remington straightening brush review

Remington straightening brush bristles

I remember when hair straighteners were chunky plastic tongs that had plates 3 inches wide, creaked open and shut, and didn’t do much actual straightening. In high school I had a friend who took 45 minutes each day to straighten her hair, and she’d still have tell-tale curls all around her hairline where the straightener was too unwieldy to reach.

Anyway, straightening isn’t like that anymore. You can get functional straighteners for an affordable price, and brands are coming out with novel straightening devices all the time. One such device is the Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Straightening Brush*, which I was sent to try. Was I intrigued? Yes. Skeptical? Even more so, which makes for my favourite type of hair-instrument-review.

BODY | Body hair—friend or foe?

Remington-ilight-pro-lena-talks-beautyPhoto pinched from Lena Talks Beauty, with generous permission, because I didn’t take one myself.

Body and facial hair has been long billed as the enemy by women’s magazines, and despite my mother’s warning to ‘take them with a grain of salt’, the magazines I read as a teenager (cf Harriet’s tweet) managed to instill some insidious body hair anxiety within me.

I’ve tried it all: shaving, threading, waxing, and embracing my ‘unwanted’ hair and letting it grow. The one thing I’d never tried was laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, on one hand because it was expensive and on the other hand because I was never sure I wanted to commit to any hair removal entirely.

Late last year I had the opportunity to try out the Remington i-Light Pro* home IPL device. It was a bit of a saga, so I thought I better tell you about it.