LIFE | Holistic facial at Wellington Apothecary

Wellington Apothecary Sun Wind and Sea Facial Serum, used in an holistic facial

Everyone’s saying that 2016 has been a real shit year, and lately it has certainly felt like the universe is working against us. Blah blah earthquakes, flooding, Brexit, Donald Trump, mental illness… this isn’t a place where I’m going to get hugely into politics but whatever your reason for feeling less than 100%, a dope-as facial will help.

I was invited to the Wellington Apothecary for an holistic facial with Stephanie Malcolm a few weeks ago. What’s an holistic facial? It’s basically as relaxing an experience as you can get, short of a full-body massage. I’d say it’s more on the wellness and relaxation end of the scale, if targeted active skincare treatment is at the other end, although all the products used are lovely.