FACE | What the hell is photography fluid?

Hylamide Photography Foundation and NIOD Photography Fluid

Remember when Stephen King wrote a bunch of books as Richard Bachman so he didn’t oversaturate the market with books all written under his real name? Me either, because it happened before I was born, but bear with me.

I first heard about the NIOD Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%* from Ruth a year or so ago, and have been curious about it ever since. When I got the chance recently to pick a few things from Recreate Yourself to try, it was first on my list. I then discovered Hylamide also makes a Photography Foundation*. I decided to compare the two ‘competing’ products.

then discovered that Hylamide and NIOD are made by the same company, Deciem. Sneaky. It’s like picking between a King book and a Bachman book— it doesn’t really matter which you choose, because they’re very similar, and your money’s going to the same place. The Hylamide and NIOD formulas aren’t identical, though, so they’re still worth a comparison.