EYES | How I do my makeup for glasses

I remember having a long and heated argument with an ex-boyfriend about whether wearing fake glasses for fashion purposes was stupid or not (I said it was, he said it wasn’t). That argument isn’t relevant today because although these glasses don’t have my prescription in them, they will very shortly, and I need that prescription to be able to see properly. You don’t see me wearing glasses on my blog that often because it’s hard to take photos without getting reflections in the lenses, but I wear them every day of my life.

The glasses I’m showing off in this post are the Marc Jacobs Havana frames*, a very cool and slightly outside of my comfort zone pair of glasses that have newly come into my life as a gift from Smart Buy Glasses. They’re blue! The longer I’ve worn glasses, the braver I’ve become with the style I wear—I started out with quite a conservative Carter Bond pair before my current default frames from Bailey Nelson.

Despite intending to write this blog post years ago, I’ve never written about how I change my makeup for glasses, so I’m going to do that today!

MOTD | Makeup Geek Insomnia


Upon organising my makeup desk in yet another way, I rediscovered the Makeup Geek Insomnia pigment and realised how deceptively complex it makes your makeup look. It’s literally the only product on my eyes in these photos, besides mascara, but it looks like I’ve done some seriously skilled stuff. I haven’t!

My face has been buried in the past few posts so if you’re the type of reader who just scrolls through the homepage and never actually clicks into my blog posts, you’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t post my face here much (you won’t be forgiven for not reading everything, though). The other night I had the sudden compulsion to put a lot of makeup on my face (well, I really just needed to take photos for an xoVain article) and it ended up looking pretty decent so I took quite a lot.