FACE | My affordable foundation collection


I wrote about my high-end foundation collection fairly recently (okay maybe not that recently), but given some of those foundations are pushing $100 NZD, I figured I better write about some more affordable foundations too. A lot of these I’ve written about individually, so I’ll link to those reviews where I can.

Truthfully, I never have good luck with cheaper foundations, which is why I do tend to pay for more expensive ones. Because foundation goes all over your face, it’s more visible when it’s either the wrong colour or a bad texture, so in my mind it’s worth spending the money to get it right.

FACE | Stick foundation is my new crush

Stick foundations Hourglass Vanish stick, Shiseido The Makeup stick foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick, NYX Mineral Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are having a real moment and I couldn’t help but investigate them for myself. The second the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick came into Mecca I had to go try it out, and after seeing how nicely it sat on my skin I bought it. The Hourglass stick foundation is bloody expensive and comes with very little product, comparatively, though, so I wanted to see how it compared to a few other stick foundations on the market. Keep in mind that I have a very oily skin type (I thought I was getting it under control for a while, but it’s oily again at the moment), so these recommendations come from that viewpoint.

FOTD | Colours! On my eyelids!


I’ve been publishing a lot of posts with question marks in their titles and that’s a) boring and b) bad journalism, so this one has lots of exclamation marks instead. And it’s a makeup look! How exciting. I’ve been slack with makeup lately but the other day I felt a sudden urge to put colours on my eyelids and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. And those brows *ok emoji* if I do say so myself.

EYES | New Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather shadows

Maybelline Color Tattoo Leathers in creamy beige, vintage plum, chocolate suede and dramatic black

In what can only be a special effort to delay releases in New Zealand by as long as possible, we’re finally getting the Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather cream shadows, eighteen months after they were released in the US. It’s so long since they came out over there that I’d forgotten they even existed.

Drawbacks of living in a tiny country at the end of the world aside, I’m stoked to see we’re actually getting the Color Tattoo leathers, because they’re great, and at $13.99 they’re a quality affordable cream shadow.

FACE | Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation


Since starting work at Clinique (I work at Clinique now, but if you don’t follow me on Instagram you might not know that) I feel like I spend two thirds of my working life matching customers to foundations, but it was either genius or pure luck that my PR sample of the Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation* was the perfect match for me (115 Ivory, jsyk). I skipped out on trying the regular Fit Me Foundation because nothing was really selling it to me, but the Matte and Poreless is designed for oily skin like mine. And while I love a dewy finish I know that it’s not for everyone, so I’ve been road-testing this one out over the past few weeks with the knowledge that I haven’t reviewed a foundation for a while. Or written a blog post for a while. You know.

FACE | Ballerina bun & Heroine FOTD


Purple lipstick is my jam. I crowned MAC Heroine as my favourite when I was interviewed for FishHead Magazine, and I think it still holds true. So rarely are purple lipsticks a) actually purple, rather than simply a purple-toned pink, and b) somehow still acceptable enough for you to wear them all day without everyone commenting on your lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I like when people comment on my lipstick, but sometimes it’s more of an ‘oh, your lipstick is …interesting, rather than a genuine ‘I really like your lipstick’. (I’ve swatched some of my other favourite purple lipsticks further down this post.)

Second note: My hair is finally long enough to do a ballerina bun! I figured I should try the bun donut I bought, seeing as how it didn’t get used in my xoVain hair tutorial.

LIPS | Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils


The Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet lip pencils are finally out in New Zealand and I’m fucking stoked. These have been all over UK blogs for months and are touted as the second coming of lip pencils (the first being NARS lip pencils, of course) so I was pretty happy to get these in the mail. They were a PR sample, so they don’t violate my no-buy, if you’re wondering. They’re also mega affordable and dope as hell, so you should check them out if you get the chance. Lip swatches and attempted NARS dupes ahead!

LIPS | My handbag lipsticks


Looking at the lipsticks in my handbag is the best way to tell which of my lip products I use the most. I do a clear out once a month or so, and I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve been using lately. There’s a bit of everything: gloss, liner, sheer, opaque, matte… if you can put it on your lips, it’s probably in my handbag.

FACE | Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation

Maybelline Better Skin on my skin

I was loyal to Maybelline foundations for a long time – my introduction to bases started with Maybelline, and there I stayed. There was that liquid-to-powder one that you had to shake up, and the one in the aqua squeezy tube, and then the Mineral Power liquid foundation. More affordable foundations took a back seat when I discovered NARS Sheer Glow, and I never had any reason to go back to them, but this new release might change that.