LIFE | Goodbye wisdom teeth & let’s talk about depression


I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. All four of the fuckers, all impacted. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to go to hospital for anything, and the first time I had general anaesthetic. To say I was nervous is an understatement of stupid proportions. It went fine, of course, because modern medicine is incredible (seriously, anaesthetic is fascinating! They can literally turn your body off for half an hour and then you wake up FINE how does it work)

LIFE | Goodbye, Clinique


2015 was a weird year of change and discovery for me. I left a job to study makeup artistry at Weltec in the first half of the year, and after gaining my qualification I became Assistant Counter Manager for Clinique at Farmers Lambton Quay. In December I handed in my resignation after working for Clinique for six months.

LIFE | I’m still writing, I promise!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.09.59 pm

I haven’t written a lot here over the past few months, for a bunch of reasons. One of them, I’ll be honest, is because if I’m deciding between whether to write something for my own blog or for xoVain (where I get paid), I’ll pick the latter. At the moment my income is pretty inadequate and my partner is looking for work, so every little bit helps.

Related to that, I guess, is that I haven’t had as much money to spend on products for myself, and I don’t want to fall back on writing exclusively about PR samples. With that in mind, the next few posts on Hyacinth Girl will be good old-fashioned product reviews, of things I’ve bought and am into and want to rave about. While you wait for those, however, I’d suggest having a read of xoVain ????

LIFE | Excellent things


It’s Sunday and here are some excellent things from the internet this week. Oh, sorry, I mean the Internet, or preferably, the World Wide Web. (When I was doing library studies, every time I wrote ‘the internet’ it got corrected to ‘the World Wide Web’. Clearly my tutors were living in 1999.)

LIFE | A fresh start


We’ve had a lot of these LIFEy posts lately, but that’s kinda just how I’ve been feeling. You know how you get in those moods where you just want to clear everything out, tidy up and start fresh? New-vibe Hyacinth Girl is a big example of this, but alongside that change in my life I’ve been making some others. Not a spring clean, per se, because it’s still well and truly cold as fuck. A winter clean? Yuletide clean? We did just have a midwinter Christmas family dinner the other weekend, complete with flaming Christmas pudding.