FACE | Stick foundation is my new crush

Stick foundations Hourglass Vanish stick, Shiseido The Makeup stick foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick, NYX Mineral Stick Foundation

Stick foundations are having a real moment and I couldn’t help but investigate them for myself. The second the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick came into Mecca I had to go try it out, and after seeing how nicely it sat on my skin I bought it. The Hourglass stick foundation is bloody expensive and comes with very little product, comparatively, though, so I wanted to see how it compared to a few other stick foundations on the market. Keep in mind that I have a very oily skin type (I thought I was getting it under control for a while, but it’s oily again at the moment), so these recommendations come from that viewpoint.



I’ve re-shot this blog post twice and frankly I’ve had enough of being reminded about my depression so now it’s time to just get over it and publish it already. Depression Haul number… three? happened in two installments from Sephora.com, the OG daddy Sephora, the big guy, the real guy. I often browse Sephora when I’m feeling down and/or bored and, as you can imagine, this sometimes turns into buying lots of things. My girls Allison and Tamara from xoVain helped me out by letting me use their addresses to get my things delivered and then they sent the parcels on to me, because Sephora has well and truly plugged all the gaps to stop people from using mail-forwarding services.

FACE | Brow pencil bonanza ft. L’Oreal, Anastasia & Hourglass


I bought a L’Oreal eyebrow pencil during the Farmers Beauty Week sales, and given my brow product purchases are usually towards the higher end of the price scale, I thought I’d give it a thorough review. The Anastasia Brow Wiz has been my ultimate favourite for some time now (it was in my very first post on this blog) and the Hourglass Arch Brow pencil made it into my 2014 makeup favourites, so the L’Oreal Le Sourcil pencil has some big shoes to fill. Because I’m stingy, I bought it with the intention of putting it in my kit, and the hope that it would be as good as my more expensive favourites. Here’s how it holds up.

FACE | 2014 makeup favourites


If you’ve dedicated December to festive topics, there’s nothing like the week after Christmas to render your past month of content entirely irrelevant. I’ve been skimming through my blog reader and Youtube subscriptions but let me tell you, the last thing I want to hear about is Christmas wishlists and DIYs. This is good in a way, because I’ve been reading a lot of Real Books instead.

I can’t let 2014 pass by without a 2014 makeup favourites post, however, so here it is. I’ll follow this up with my 2014 skincare favourites before the year is out. (Side note: everything on my 2013 makeup favourites list belongs here too, but I didn’t want to repeat myself.)

FACE | Sephora VIB sale haul


I’m feeling a bit better and I have these photos uploaded, so let me now tell you about what I bought in the Sephora VIB 20% off sale a few weeks ago. The sale happens once a year in mid-November, and it’s the only way to get a decent discount on lots of brands. It was a good incentive to get the Christmas sets I was excited about. Plus, we have friends staying at the moment and I think my makeup hoarding is rubbing off on Ania, so I got to grab some things for her as well.

LIPS | Four blood red lip colours I could have worn to get my blood taken


My name’s Morgan and I don’t like thinking about what goes on inside my body. I started typing that I don’t like needles, but it’s not precisely true; I’m fine with a tattoo machine and when I get blood taken, it’s not so much the needle that I have a problem with, but the fact it’s going inside my veins.

I got blood taken recently (for only the second time in my life, thank goodness) and it was a minor ordeal. The nurse (probably not a nurse, but I’ll call her that for brevity’s sake) stuck the needle in my left arm for a very long time. I had dragged Callum along with me and I told him all about my work day, in great detail, and she was still trying to draw enough blood to fill the vial. It wasn’t enough, so I ended up with a needle in my other arm too. FUN.

I made Callum get fries with me afterwards, and the anticipation of fries made it almost bearable, but I worry what I would be like if he wasn’t there to hold my hand. How would I be brave?! I think red lipstick would help. 

FACE | Everyday Face


Christel and Camille have started a series on their blog called Everyday Face, and today it’s my turn to share mine. Over on Makeupper I’m talking skincare, and here on Hyacinth Girl I’ll be sharing the products I used in the finished look, which is also the look above, and is also the look I’m wearing at work nine times out of ten lately.

FACE | I’m just not feeling these Hourglass blushes…

I’ve always had surprisingly good luck buying things online, like buying jeans from unfamiliar brands that fit right first time around, and shoes that fit perfectly too. Buying colour cosmetics is usually fine, and you can always do something with a product even if it’s not exactly what you expected. I guess it was kind of inevitable for me to buy something online that really didn’t work out for me.

The other thing is that it’s really easy to get caught up in the hype of a new product launch, and feel the need to buy something either a) before it sells out, or b) before everyone else gets it. There’s no logic to point b), but I still felt it with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. I blogged about them in January as soon as I saw the announcement, and I got someone in the US to buy a couple for me as soon as they launched for VIBs on Sephora, because they looked SO BEAUTIFUL.