TOOLS | Jessup brushes part 2

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set

If you spend any amount of time around here you’ll know how I feel about Jessup brushes, and I felt I owed it to you guys to review another set of their brushes, this time the Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set. This one is a little different to the other sets available, with more natural fibre brushes included. As always, though, it’s a good one, and even if you won’t use every brush in the set, it’s still incredible value.

TOOLS | Jessup brushes superpost

Jessup makeup brushes on Hyacinth Girl

Jessup makeup brushes are pretty well-known in the bargain-hunting online beauty community. They’re touted as being as good as Sigma, Real Techniques or xoBeauty brushes, but are significantly cheaper. Are they actually though? DON’T WORRY, I BOUGHT ALL OF THEM FROM EBAY TO TRY FOR YOU. In this post I’ll tell you what I think of the Jessup 15pc makeup brush set, and both the large and small 4pc Kabuki makeup brush sets. This is a pretty massive post, so grab a cup of tea and while you’re at it, blow a goodbye kiss in the direction of your other brushes. Trust me.

FACE | The changing shape of brushes


It’s hard to believe these two brushes started out looking identical – although if you’ve owned a Real Techniques Blush Brush you might. It was only once I got my second one that I realised how much the bristles had changed shape over the time I’d owned it. Given most people buy the RT Blush Brush for its narrow shape and tapered tip, it can be a bit disappointing. (That being said, the blown-out version makes a great powder brush.)

I realised it was entirely stupid to replace my brushes when they did things like this, and set out to see what else I could do about it.

FACE | How to level up your brow game


I love a good eyebrow. I’ve been filling mine in in various ways since 2008, and they’re the first part of my face I really paid attention to cosmetically. Anything you can use on eyebrows, I’ve put on them: wooden pencils, clicky pencils, powder, gel, pomade… and I’d like to think they’ve been improving over that time.

I’ve been doing something with them lately which is, admittedly, very laborious, but will help you level up your brow game. This isn’t a quick-slap-em-on-and-out-the-door job (I’ve got the Hourglass Arch Brow for that), but it’s worth it for the natural-looking brow you end up with.

LIFE | It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday and I feel like posting a ramble. Those Excellent Things posts I was doing petered out a little bit, mostly because I didn’t like being tied into a schedule, and there aren’t always excellent things to post anyway. It was probably ambitious of me to title a feature so positively, too (this week a friend told me “I love how much of a bitch you are.”)

I got an iPhone 5S, so my Instagram and selfie situation is renewed, in glorious HD camera glory. You better be following my Instagram if you’re not already. I also got a really pretty necklace from Ezibuy, wrote about it, and did some makeup to match.

I’ve been avoiding cleaning my brushes, which Vee scolded me for last weekend. I mostly hate standing and washing them all because I have to stand at the sink, and it takes ages, and my hands get cold. I’m thinking of gaining motivation by surrounding myself with unnecessary brush-washing accoutrements, like a brush egg and a brush tree and bristle guards. Part of my justification for this is that I could buy them all from one place (Complexions).

Lots of blog-related thinking has happened this week, inspired by regular #bloggersbrunchclub chats. I’ve come out one media kit richer than I was this time last week (holla at me if you want to see it) and a wee bit poorer, but eternal shoutouts to Amy for being an absolute queen design-wise, and a dream to work with. A less tangible result of this blog thinking has been on how the blogging world is founded on the lifestyle of the upper-middle-class straight white girl. I don’t really like that blogging is inherently bougie, but I pretty much fit into that category myself (my alternative post idea for today was going to be a Charlotte Tilbury wishlist). I’ll keep thinking on this.


FACE | Artiste brush review

Artiste brush review

While the whole blogging world is reviewing Zoeva brushes, I’m over here looking at my Artiste brushes and thinking that, considering they’re the only makeup brushes you can reliably buy in stores in New Zealand, it might be useful to say some words about them. Artiste brushes, made by Manicare, are carried at Farmers stores and it would be fair to say they are most people’s first forays into makeup brushes beyond the stubby plastic scourers that come free in your blush compact.

DIY | Make your own angled brush

DIY angled brush

I like brushes. I like bargains. I especially like when I get bargains on brushes. The local art supply store had a 40% off sale on brushes and it reminded me that I’ve seen people suggest using artist brushes instead of cosmetic brushes to save money.

I bought two brushes for around $8. One is a large goat hair mop brush. It looks a lot like a giant version of everyone’s favourite blending brush, the MAC 217.

The second is a regular synthetic flat brush, which I very quickly and easily transformed into the perfect stiff angled brush. You can use this type of brush for brows or gel liner. Both cheap and expensive brow kits (like from ELF or Benefit) come with mini angled brushes, but you can get much better control from a full size brush. Here’s how to make your own!