FACE | The most extra highlighter

Becca Prismatic Amethyst highlighter

The Becca Prismatic Amethyst Highlighter is a duo-chrome lavender highlight powder. Given I barely wear makeup on the daily anymore, let alone a makeup look that warrants highlighter, let alone a makeup look that warrants pearlescent purple highlighter, it’s not the most utilitarian purchase.

Having said all this… I fucking love it. It’s so extra, it’s so unnecessary, but it’s also beautiful. I bought it as a kind-of birthday gift to myself, and because ‘prismatic amethyst’ sounded witchy and mystical and amethyst is my birthstone and even the pattern pressed into the powder is beautiful.

MOTD | Makeup Geek Insomnia


Upon organising my makeup desk in yet another way, I rediscovered the Makeup Geek Insomnia pigment and realised how deceptively complex it makes your makeup look. It’s literally the only product on my eyes in these photos, besides mascara, but it looks like I’ve done some seriously skilled stuff. I haven’t!

My face has been buried in the past few posts so if you’re the type of reader who just scrolls through the homepage and never actually clicks into my blog posts, you’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t post my face here much (you won’t be forgiven for not reading everything, though). The other night I had the sudden compulsion to put a lot of makeup on my face (well, I really just needed to take photos for an xoVain article) and it ended up looking pretty decent so I took quite a lot.

FACE | Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters

Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters palettes

Sometimes I make odd decisions, and one of those odd decisions was buying TheBalm’s Manizer Sisters palette at the same time as ordering the Becca Afterglow palette from Sephora. The three highlighting shades are virtually identical—one golden, one pink and one bronze. I definitely don’t need both, so I thought I’d pit Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters to see which one is the victor.

FACE | Sephora New Zealand is a thing and I got new things to celebrate!

Sephora New Zealand haul gif

Sephora New Zealand exists. I repeat, Sephora now has a New Zealand website. The Singapore-based Luxola, which was a cosmetics shopping site I had never used but had a New Zealand branch, has become part of the Sephora empire. This is pretty exciting news – even though they don’t carry all the same brands as the American Sephora does, there are a whole host of beauty brands that are now a million times more accessible to us in New Zealand.

As part of the launch celebrations I got to pick a few products from Sephora.nz to try, so naturally I picked the most hyped things I’ve wanted to get my hands on (I think Cass had the same idea). Pricing is pretty darn decent, and the site has free shipping over $75, which is not hard to reach.