SKIN | Empties and repurchases

I’ve been hoarding empty things for a while now so I thought I’d make my first video with actual content (!) an empties and repurchases video (except for the tangent I go on about the Olay Regenerist night cream which is neither empty or a repurchase). It’s all skincare because I use that every day and I don’t wear makeup every day. I don’t think I’ve ever used up an eyeshadow or lipstick or blush completely. I should probably work on that before buying more things.

LIFE | Hyacinth Girl does YouTube

Hyacinth Girl Youtube

The Hyacinth Girl YouTube channel makes its debut! If you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like, or what I look like in motion, now’s your chance. I thought I’d start small with a bit of an introduction to myself and the blog. You know, in case you’re new here.

Please watch and comment and subscribe and like it and all that good stuff. I’ll try to upload fairly regularly, but as I said in the video, I’m hella busy this half of the year! I have tons of video ideas but if you have anything specific you want to see, leave me a comment. And if you think I’m not made for YouTube and that I should stop before I embarrass myself… well I guess leave that in a comment too.

WATCH | New Zealand beauty YouTubers

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.41.42 AMNone of the channels in this screenshot are from New Zealand. You’ll have to click through to see who my favourites are!

Today I want to share some of my favourite lesser-known New Zealand YouTubers. I’m subscribed to over 100 channels on YouTube, mostly beauty-related, and of course I follow people like Shannon Harris, but everyone knows about her already, and I wanted to give some other people the credit they deserve.

I don’t really watch tutorials so that I can then sit down and recreate what they did, but I feel like by watching so many I kind of absorb all that information. To be honest, a lot of the time when I’m ‘watching’ videos I’m kind of just half-listening while doing something else. I’ll click into the video tab when it sounds like they’re doing something interesting. Otherwise, I’ll set a playlist running and prop my Macbook up on the washing machine to watch while I wash my hair.