THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 3, win a luxury beauty haul

luxury beauty haul giveaway

I told you I saved the best til last. The final giveaway of my blog birthday celebrations is a luxury beauty haul of some of my favourite ever makeup products!

My blog wouldn’t be a blog without readers, so to enter to win all this I’m asking you guys to fill out my quick reader survey. I want to make sure you’re liking my content, and want to find out what you’d like to see more of on Hyacinth Girl. That doesn’t mean I’ll change—if you want me to start writing about, uh, Pinterest hacks and healthy eating… you’ll probably need to find another blog to read.

THIRD BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAYS | Day 2, win the full range of Goodness skincare

goodness skincare giveaway

Day two! Day two brings you the chance to win the entire, and entirely fabulous, range of Goodness skincare. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know that their Every Evening Cream was one of my favourite products of 2015 and the rest of their range is close behind.

The Goodness team have provided full sizes of the Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Day Cream Cleanser, Every Week Face Scrub, Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, and Every Evening Cream for one winner, and you can enter from anywhere in the world!

NAILS | Essie Gel Setter review (and one for you, too!)


You all know by now that essie is my favourite nail brand, some percent due to it being, you know, actually good, and the rest because nail polish bottles of all shapes and sizes stress me out a little bit. Square essie bottles are simple and practical, and the brush is nice and flat and wide, and (with a few exceptions) the polish is really good quality and stays around for ages. I’d almost say essie didn’t need to launch a gel-like top coat, but they did it, with Gel Setter* available now, and it’s bloody great.

If I were the type of person to be embarrassed about how much nail polish I own, I would say I have an embarrassingly large nail polish collection; as it happens, despite adding to it frequently, I never quite feel I have enough colours. It does mean I often reach for bottles on the essie stand at work only to realise that I already own them. Luckily for you, though, this means I have a brand new bottle of Sand Tropez as well as a new Gel Setter to give away!

OFYAOFM | ‘A bunch of tiny things for your face’ edition


A while back on Instagram I posted this picture of a bunch of cute tiny things and hinted that something fun was coming. That fun thing is me doing looks with a bunch of miniature products (fun for me, possibly interesting for you), reviewing them real quick then giving away all the products I use (new ones, of course!) I’ve been filling a box with deluxe samples for this purpose and now I’ve hoarded enough to make it work. Read on and find out at the end of the post how to win (hint: it’s by answering this survey).

OFYAOFM | LA’BONIC body care

labonic shower

My second OFYAOFM giveaway is thanks to LA’BONIC, a natural New Zealand skincare company. They’ve just come out with a body care line including body wash and lotion. It’s pretty safe to say that everyone washes their body, so this giveaway should be useful to everyone! I’ve actually got three sets to give away, in three flavours scents: Serenity, Vigour, and Glacier. 

WIN | One for you and one for me


Exciting news: there’s a new and exciting feature coming to Hyacinth Girl! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, and I’ve finally got around to putting it in place. It’s a series called One for you and one for me, and it’s fairly self-explanatory: I review something (one for me), and then have (at least) one for you, too. Is it essentially a giveaway? Yes, I suppose, but better. I’ll be featuring full-sized products with the help of some sponsors, but I’ll also have selections of minis to try too – because everything is better in miniature.

Continue reading for the very first OFYAOFM!