LIFE | Two social enterprise Kickstarters worth backing

(Well, one’s technically a Pledge Me, not a Kickstarter, but nitpicking over details is a waste of time.)

A few weeks ago I worked on a photoshoot for a new underwear brand based in Wellington, called nisa. Nisa is a social enterprise producing organic cotton underwear made by women with a refugee background, and they’ve launched a Pledge Me to get the company off the ground.

Another Kickstarter on my radar, which I’ve already backed but needs more support, is indigo & iris.

LIFE | How to make going to the gym a little less unpleasant


I’ve started going to the gym regularly again, but don’t worry – there’s no chance of Hyacinth Girl becoming a fitness blog. It’s still a slog getting my shit together and actually making it to the gym, and my endorphins aren’t winning out over my preference for sitting down or getting an extra hour’s sleep. That being said, there are a few things that have definitely helped make going to the gym slightly less miserable.

BODY | Time for tea


It was only last year that I had my first ever cup of tea. What the fuck, right? Since then I’ve drank plenty, naturally, and I’ve discovered that my favourites are Earl Grey and green tea. There aren’t that many Earl Grey scented/infused/etc beauty products, but there’s no shortage of green tea beauty products out there. Here’s a few I’ve been having a hoon on.