LIFE | Two social enterprise Kickstarters worth backing

(Well, one’s technically a Pledge Me, not a Kickstarter, but nitpicking over details is a waste of time.)

A few weeks ago I worked on a photoshoot for a new underwear brand based in Wellington, called nisa. Nisa is a social enterprise producing organic cotton underwear made by women with a refugee background, and they’ve launched a Pledge Me to get the company off the ground.

Another Kickstarter on my radar, which I’ve already backed but needs more support, is indigo & iris.


Nisa undies are all made of organic cotton and they’re super cute. I love big undies that come up to my belly button and cover my whole butt and that are comfy and soft—and these tick every box.

Four women of different ethnicity and body size wearing nisa underwear.

Elisha, the founder of nisa, started the company to provide meaningful work for refugee women in New Zealand. It’s hard for refugee-background folks and many immigrants in general to find work in their fields of expertise, and I think this is an awesome project.

The PledgeMe has reached its initial goal of $10,000 but they’re continuing to collect with the intention of purchasing more industrial sewing equipment, diversifying their product sizing, training more staff and increasing wages.

indigo & iris

This company has been in the works for a while—I remember reading about one of the founders a couple of years ago when she was starting it up.

Indigo & Iris are selling mascara. 50% of the profits of this mascara go to ending avoidable blindness in the Pacific, by way of the Fred Hollows Foundation.They’re aiming for $75,000 and have more than halfway to go, with sixteen days left.

I think it’s a fab idea and mascara is a product that I, and many other people, will continue to purchase regularly. If that purchase can make a difference to people that need it as well, then it’s a no-brainer.

Of course, I have no idea if the mascara will be any good, but I’ve paid for one via their Kickstarter and for $39 I’m willing to take that risk.

(One sad, ironic footnote: Indigo & Iris have set up their Kickstarter page with text in images instead of regular text, which makes it incredibly inaccessible for people with visual impairments. Like the people they’re fundraising to help. Sigh.)

What do you think about social enterprise companies? Will you be backing these crowdfunding campaigns?

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  • It’s great that you’re trying to raise awareness of these kickstarters through your blog, I think they have some important messages and goals behind them! x

    Velvet Blush

  • thanks for sharing these. iT’s good to back such campaigns
    The Glossychic