FACE | Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation review

Max Factor foundation review

I’m a foundation fiend. Along with lipstick, it’s probably the category of makeup that I’m most prepared to buy, despite having more than enough foundation to cover my face for as long as I’ll need and having found a few foundations that I’m perfectly content with.

I didn’t buy Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation—I was sent it to review by the team at Beauty Review along with the Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer. (Beauty Review is a NZ-based beauty review site that’s worth joining, if you haven’t already!)

I’m glad I didn’t buy these products, because they’re A Bit Shit.

Max Factor Miracle Touch cream foundation

Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation in 40 Warm Ivory, $42.99 NZD

Damn, $43. Welcome to the pricing of “drugstore” makeup in New Zealand. At this price, you’d expect the ‘unique solid-to-liquid formula’ to really deliver the flawless base that it promises.

This is a dense cream foundation held in a double-sided compact. The black side has a plastic lid that flips open, holding a sponge. The clear acrylic side screws open to show the foundation. It’s not the most practical, but Max Factor promise that with this foundation you won’t need concealer or powder, so the convenience would make up for it… if that were true.

To be fair, the foundation does offer full coverage, but it doesn’t set down nicely on the skin at all, and I definitely needed to powder it.

The Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation also only comes in six shades, and my best match, 40 Warm Ivory, was too pink for my skin. I had to use a yellow-toned powder to try counteract the pinkness and get a natural-looking skintone.

Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation and Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer

Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer, $42.99 NZD

Now someone’s really having a laugh, pricing this primer at $43. Again, it better really deliver smooth miracles.

In truth, this was one of the most underwhelming primers I’ve ever used. As the name suggests, it’s designed to give your skin a smoother appearance. It felt silicone-y and silky. I’d expect to see, well, less visible pores and skin texture. I got that for maybe half an hour max before my pores and skin texture were more emphasised.

Of course, because this is a silicone-based primer, it’s only good with silicone-based foundations. Sometimes primers can work with both silicone- and water-based foundations (I find this is true of the Too Faced Hangover primer, for example), but after disappointing results using it with the foundation in the same range, I didn’t expect much. And so, I wasn’t too surprised when this primer turned my MAC Face and Body foundation to a streaky mess.

The worst part about this foundation and primer combo is the lack of longevity. They looked pretty nice on my skin when first applied, as you can see in the photo at the top of this post. In fact, you might be wondering why I’m complaining so much. But here’s my skin after only a couple of hours: oily and textured.

Max Factor miracle foundation breaking up on skin

The foundation is breaking up on my skin. Whether that’s the fault of the foundation on its own, the primer or both—I don’t particularly care. All I know is that these are not the products for me, and I couldn’t in good faith recommend them to anyone else either.

You might have a different experience. Please do let me know if you’ve used these products and you do like them. Based on the feedback on Beauty Review some people really did find the Max Factor Miracle Touch foundation to be miraculous. But because of the price, I’d suggest you look elsewhere.

Have you tried this Max Factor foundation? What about anything else from the brand?

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  • Atsuna Matsui

    I haven’t tried Max Factor foundation before, but I tried their mascara before and loved that! One of the best foundations I’ve ever tried.


  • Love your eyeshadow look.

  • Shame these didn’t work for you. I do like your khaki eyeshadow x


    • Thank you! It’s a look I’ve been wearing a lot, lots of matte olive and khaki tones :3

  • Merel van Poorten

    What an amazing foundation! I need to try this.

    X Merel

    • Hmm not so sure – most of the review is me writing about why I -don’t- like this foundation.

  • A shame they didn’t work for you, especially for that price!! Thanks for the honest review

    • I know! I’m lucky I didn’t have to spend my own money on it, but it’s still a shame to be so disappointed by products!

  • Oh my goodness! I can’t believe the price of these products -in the UK they probably run about £10-15 – such a shame the products were such a let down!


    • Unfortunately most beauty products get a markup like this in New Zealand! It makes the need for savvy shopping (and honest reviews) just that much stronger!

  • As Sophie has said previously, I’m so surprised by the price of Max Factor products in New Zealand! It’s crazy that it must be the same for many other brands – especially when they’re not worth it!
    I’ve always steered away from cream foundations no matter the brand, I’m so scared they’d be too thick and make my skin break out as this one did for you. However I’ve tried one of their liquid foundations in the past and it was great. Have you ever tried cream foundations that work for your skin?

    Julia x

    • We used cream foundation in makeup school and it can be useful for full coverage but with so many full coverage liquids available now I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis. It’s interesting as the good cream foundations are often the same formula as concealers: MAC full coverage foundation is the same as their studio finish concealer, for example!