SCENT | Elizabeth and James at Farmers

Elizabeth and James at Farmers in New Zealand

Just popping in to let you know that in the sneakiest launch ever, Elizabeth and James has come to New Zealand! I came across Elizabeth and James at Farmers by accident, while scoping out their fragrance page… as you do.

It looks like Farmers has Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, White, Rose and Bourbon. Knowing New Zealand’s luck, we won’t get any of the latest releases (Amethyst and French Grey) before Christmas, but at least now we don’t have to beg friends and family traveling to the United States to bring it back for us.

If you haven’t come across it, Elizabeth and James is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fragrance line (it’s named after their parents). The packaging is sleek, subtle and consistent across the different scents, just in different shades of frosted glass. It’s gorgeous and would look particularly good if you had the whole line-up…


  • Nirvana Black—violet, sandalwood and vanilla. This is rich, bold and unisex.
  • Nirvana White—peony, muguet and musk. Lighter and more floral, more traditionally ‘feminine’.
  • Nirvana Rose—rose de mai, fresh geranium, and anchored with vetiver.
  • Nirvana Bourbon—vanilla bourbon, oakwood and tuberose, this is spicy and warm.
  • Nirvana Amethyst—tobacco, honeysuckle and cedar. Amethyst is my birthstone, so I’m super intrigued by whether this will smell any good.
  • Nirvana French Grey—lavender, neroli and musk. I think this might be more up my alley than Amethyst.

My personal pick is Nirvana Bourbon—go have a read about why I love it so much.


  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana range, 30ml, $105 NZD
  • Elizabeth and James Nirvana range, 50ml, $145 NZD

Fingers crossed we’ll also get some of the special edition products that Sephora carry from the line, like the coffrets and gift sets. They have scented dry shampoo, but something tells me we won’t get that here. I hope I’m wrong!

Will you be running to sniff Elizabeth and James at Farmers?

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  • Sophie ♥

    Ahh yay! I hope they get the rollerballs although I doubt we will. Nirvana White is my fave.

  • Samantha Dobbin

    I didn’t even know they had a fragrance out and I love mary-kate and ashley! Definitely going to be on the look out for these! Samantha xx |

    • The fragrances have only been available in the US until now – I think they launched at Harrods in the UK recently too!