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Miniature beauty products - deluxe sized recent releases

Everyone has a soft spot for miniature-sized beauty products. The subscription box industry is built on this fact. Loyalty programmes are built on this fact. Smaller products are a marketer’s way to get people to try something expensive without having to buying the full size.

Ever wonder why cheap products don’t come in deluxe mini sizes? It’s because most peoples’ impulse spending threshold is high enough that we’ll just buy the full product. Like, you know, I’ll buy the full size of a Neutrogena or Goodness product untested because it’s only $20 if I don’t like it—but it’s only these Drunk Elephant minis that could get me to try the brand when the full-sized B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel is $82. (I haven’t even caved and bought the Drunk Elephant minis yet… but it’s only a matter of time.)

Anyway, more and more brands are making baby-sized products and my cynicism will step aside and make room for them every time. Tiny foundation bottle that looks like the full size? Yes please. Teeny powder jar, sifter and all? Get into my hands.

Bloggers are all like “they’re so good for travelling!” but let’s be real, I travel about once a year and there’s plenty of room to bring a full-sized tub of moisturiser along. No, miniature beauty products are so good for getting into people’s makeup bags and then getting used up before people get bored of them, motivating them to rush out and buy the big version.

This isn’t anything new, really, and like I said, I’m not immune, so don’t take this the wrong (snobby) way. Look, this post has been sitting in my drafts for THREE YEARS since I shot the below photo of another selection of fun-sized makeup products, not one of which is still in my possession—but all of which are still tiny and adorable.

Deluxe-size beauty products

There is a reason for writing this blog post; well, two, really. First of all, I’ve been thinking hard about beauty loyalty programmes and there’s one in particular that outshines all the others. (More on that later.)

Secondly, Antipodes have widened their range of Minis—duos of deluxe-sized moisturisers paired with serums that allow you to try their targeted products without dropping the mega bucks on the full things.

I tried the Moisture Boost Minis years ago but they’ve since been joined in Antipodes’ lineup by the Anti-Aging Minis, the Skin-Brightening Minis and the Skin-Plumping Minis. These all fall in the best category of miniature beauty products: those whose packaging looks like tiny versions of the real thing, right down to the metal tubes.

Antipodes Skin-Brightening Minis*, $22 NZD

This duo contains a 10ml of the Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum and a 15ml tube of the Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream. I’ve tried both of these before, the manuka honey cream most recently, and I rate them both. My skin prefers the water-based serums by Antipodes to their oil-based ones, and the Apostle serum falls in that category.

Antipodes Skin-Plumping Minis*, $22 NZD

Likewise, the serum in this duo is also water-based, this time the Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum. It’s paired with the Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream, which I always come back to as a simple but hydrating day cream for those times I don’t want to use a more gel-like moisturiser. I think of the two pairs of minis I’m writing about here, this is the one I’d endorse more, as I think you’re more likely to see the “plumping” effects of increased hydration faster than you’ll see the “brightening” effects in the other duo.

Come for the cute, stay because you’ve been convinced you need to buy the full size. What are your favourite miniature beauty products? Which brand does the cutest packaging?

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  • You’re right, there’s something about mini products! So cute. I’d love to try some Antipodes minis! x

    What Josie Did Next

  • Rhiannon Purves

    Those minis got me obsessed with the Divine Facial Oil and Vanilla Pod Day Cream combo, they’re still a go to combo for me, especially with the Divine Facial Oil being well priced. They just brought out mini Savour Balms as well which are cute. They pair their products very well. A range that works great together.

    • Yes! The mini saviour balm is super handy – and way easier to use if you have talon fingernails like I do at the moment!

  • I love mini products, and you’re so right there is something about them! They’re so useful too! I’ve not tried Antipodes before, but they sound really good!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Thanks for your comment Hannah – Antipodes is definitely worth a look. They’re definitely one of my favourite skincare brands!

  • UntitledMandyMooreProject

    I bought both of those Drunk Elephant mini sets and you know what, I love them. Even though I know it’s just a matter of time before I drop serious cash on the full sizes.

    • I saw there’s another DE mini set launching on the US Sephora site for Christmas (even though it’s early September, ugh) which isn’t making it easier for me!

      • UntitledMandyMooreProject

        Yeah I remember last year they had a set with a full size glycolic serum and then a couple of minis, which I’m hoping they do again this year since that’s the one I love the most