SKIN | The product I’ve recommended the most this winter

mario badescu hydrating facial spray and goodness face mist

It’s technically the end of winter but it’s still cold af and it’s not going to warm up any time soon, in Wellington at least. With cold weather comes the combination of biting cold winds and dry air-conditioned offices, a great recipe for, uh, nothing really, unless you like being cold and battered by the weather and also being gradually converted to a dry husk when you’re indoors.

I try to drink tons of water at work—not literal tons, but at least two Pump bottles a day—to stay hydrated because that’s meant to be good for you, but also to give myself the excuse to get up and go for a walk every now and then, whether to refill my water or to go to the bathroom, again, because I’m drinking so much water. This has the positive side effect of keeping my skin slightly more hydrated and clear, or so I like to think.

In the depths of winter my skin needs a bit more though, and I know other people’s skin does too. At least four people have asked me how to combat the redness, dryness, flakiness, tightness, general sadness that comes with dry winter skin. Four whole people! I’m going to have to quit my job soon to handle the flood of requests for skincare advice.

The challenge in keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day is that a lot of the time, people are wearing makeup and aren’t so keen on massaging a layer of expensive hydrating serum into their foundation. The ten dollar solution? A bottle of hydrating facial spray.

Ten dollars! I’m losing perspective on how much beauty products should cost but that sounds cheap, don’t you think? It’s how much a bottle of the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea costs at Mecca Maxima. It’s probably the cheapest product at Mecca Maxima, or almost.

There’s also a pink version, which contains rosewater, but I hate the smell so thankfully that’s not the only one that’s available.

Goodness also do a facial mist, the Be Cool Mist Toner, which is, somehow, more expensive than the Mario Badescu spray. It’s only $13, to be fair. But it’s still technically more expensive. Easier to get, though, because Goodness is stocked in supermarkets and at Farmers.

Whichever one you go with, though, you’re getting a refreshing and hydrating facial spray that you can keep in your desk and low key top yourself up with whenever you’re feeling dry. If you go through a bottle in a week, well, at ten dollars it’s not so bad, and you’d probably spend more than that per day on coffee and lunch if you’re anything like me.

(You won’t go through a bottle a week, trust me. Both have a nice fine spray and a little goes a long way. Unless you’re drinking it. Don’t drink it.)

These sprays contain aloe and cucumber extracts, both of which are soothing and calming on dry, irritated skin. Will they replace a regular moisturiser? Absolutely not, but paired with a good morning moisturiser and a hydrating skincare routine (all about that hyaluronic acid) a hydrating facial spray will make a noticeable difference against dryness.

Regardless, hitting yourself in the face with a nicely-scented and pleasantly-cool facial mist is a great pick-me-up if you’re having a shitty day at work and you have to stop ignoring your phone ringing and finally answer it because it’s pissing off everyone else in the office. Spray your face, spray the phone, spray your computer until it stops working and you don’t have to work anymore because your computer’s broken. Do whatever you need to do. But do it with a hydrating facial spray at hand.

Does your skin get drier in winter? Have you tried either of these facial sprays? 

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  • I have been using Avene thermal water quite a lot this winter, mostly just for the hell of it because I have it but it’s nice to use in the morning when proper cleansing is far too much effort!

  • Sam

    I love love love hydrating facial mists, and I actually had the Mario Badescu rosewater one which I really liked. Haven’t picked up a mist in a while, but I’ve heard good things about Pixi’s milky hydrating mist (even if it is slightly more expensive). My skin is on the drier side so mists are definitely the way to go for me!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • I have been meaning to try the Pixi ones but we don’t have them in stores here! Hopefully someone local starts carrying them soon. Or maybe when I get through these I can justify buying one (or more..) of the Pixi mists.

  • My skin definitely gets drier in the winter! I’ve seen the Mario Badescu spray around so much recently, I thought it was a high end spray, but that’s amazing value. I actually picked up a few facial sprays lately so I’m looking forward to giving them more of a go xx

    Velvet Blush

  • I really like facial mists. Both of these are new to me.

  • I get really dry skin and I love facial mists too. The Mario one is so good but I am always on the hunt for new sprays so will check out the Goodness one too