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Skin by Ecostore skincare

The supermarket is one of those public places where you don’t speak to people. It’s an unspoken rule, like on public transport, that everyone minds their own business and you don’t even acknowledge anyone else unless you’re apologising for getting in their way.

I had to violate this rule recently when I was looking at the skincare (just looking—I like to know what’s there) and there was a clearly stressed out dad next to me. I don’t know why his teenage daughter thought it was a good idea to ask him to get her some moisturiser without specifying exactly what to get, but after I asked him “What are you after?” he informed me of this and was palpably relieved that a stranger was willing to help him.

After apologising for asking him more questions (“How old is she? Does she have bad skin? Morning or night?”) I directed him to, well, not the skincare I’m about to write about. To be fair, at that point I hadn’t tried it, and didn’t want to forever live on in this man’s memory (or his daughter’s) as the person at the supermarket who suggested something terrible. But in hindsight, I could happily go back and recommend the ecostore range just as much as I recommended Goodness (no surprises there).

And so, after a three-paragraph loosely-related preamble, let’s talk about Skin by Ecostore.

Ecostore have been around since 1993 and are pretty well-known for their environmentally-friendly and slightly-more-expensive-than-other-brands cleaning products. As happens with most brands that use “natural” ingredients, they have some philosophies and marketing strategies I don’t agree with—”No nasty chemicals” and being GE free are the main two.

What I’m more interested in is their focus on sustainability and biodegradability in all their products. Both the products and their packaging are environmentally-friendly and all the packaging is recyclable, if not also made from recycled plastic. This is an aspect of all beauty and cosmetic consumption that I don’t think people consider enough, and if I can choose a product that has a reduced impact on the environment, I’ll do so. (Did you know New Zealand’s responsible for a 2.5 million square kilometre area of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean?)

Skin by Ecostore Gentle Cleanser*, $14.99

This cleanser’s probably my favourite in the bunch, and that’s because you know how much I love a cream cleanser and if it’s affordable then it’s even better and I bet you’re wishing I’d shut the fuck up about cream cleansers already.

This one’s on the thinner end of the spectrum and has a light scent that I’m on the fence about, but the large size and pump more than makes up for that. A pump should be mandatory on all shower products, come on!

Skin by Ecostore Hydrating Moisturiser*, $18.99

This is the daytime moisturiser equivalent of the cream cleanser—lightweight and lotion-like with that genius pump again. (I’m about to write a blog post that’s just a love letter to pumps and I’m not even kidding.) It absorbs fast and is blackcurrant seed oil based, which is an ingredient I don’t know too much about, but I’m liking so far. It’s also got glycerin and olive oil derivatives high on the ingredients list, for lightweight hydration.

Skin by Ecostore Multi-nutrient Facial Oil*, $18.99

This is a blend of oils, in the following order: jojoba, apricot kernel, grapeseed, kiwifruit seed, avocado, blackcurrant and sunflower seed (with some other ingredients in there too). It’s a facial oil, so I can’t say too much about it, as I know that my skin doesn’t love facial oils used in the traditional sense so I haven’t gone too hard with it.

If you do have dry skin, though, this is a nice affordable oil blend loaded with antioxidants and CoQ10 that you could press over your regular moisturiser at night and if you’re noticing particularly dry skin in the winter cold.

Skin by Ecostore Replenishing Night Cream*, $18.99

Last up is the night cream, a much thicker cream due to its base of avocado oil and shea butter. The next few ingredients are very olive oil and olive oil derivative heavy, so if you’re looking for fancy complex ingredients then you’re not going to find them here; that being said, olive oil is pretty good for your skin so there’s no reason to gripe.

Quick note on pricing, these are the current prices at New World but the range is available at “all good supermarkets” so you can probably get it wherever. The thing with supermarket skincare is it’s always on special somewhere, so there’s not a whole lot of point giving prices, but at least you kinda know how much it might be.

After doing a lot of bitching lately, I’m extra pleased that this has turned out to be a skincare range I can really recommend. I don’t really like talking shit on everything all the time, even if sometimes it seems like I do!

Have you tried the Skin by Ecostore range yet? Is environmentally-friendliness a factor you consider when buying beauty products?

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  • I want to try this! I hate their shampoo and conditioner but I’ve used body wash and lotion etc and enjoyed it from ecostore before. I use their cleaning products and laundry detergent because the more natural fragrances are more tolerable to me than the stench of some over powering frangipani stuff from other brands. And cute about the dad!!

    • Good to know about the shampoo and conditioner, although our hair types are quite different! I had seen it in the supermarket and thought I might try it next.

      • It made my hair so dry and tangled! But it already tends towards dry because of the bleach. Not a huge investment to try if you end up liking it.

      • mungbeanqueen

        Seconding Lena, their shampoo and conditioner has been pretty awful for me!

        • So weird, after you both commented saying this, I have had two IRL friends say they really rate their conditioner! I might have to try it bc now I don’t know who to believe!

  • That hydrating moisturiser sounds amazing!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  • I haven’t heard of this range, but it sure sounds nice, especially for such affordable prices xx

  • Sophie ♥

    Oh wow-I didn’t even know ecostore had skincare, this sounds like such a decent, affordable range though. I love their Lemongrass soap and always stock up when it’s on special.

    • Ooh don’t know if I’ve come across their soaps but I love a good lemongrass scent!

  • Sam

    I hadn’t heard about any skincare from Ecostore, but it seems like something to check out! Actually, although I’ve been trying to go for natural products where I can (particularly recently), environmentally friendliness isn’t something that crossed my mind. Even though I live in a city where we have to separate trash & recycle, it’s never been on my mind when looking at products I’m buying. Something to consider!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • It’s an easy thing to overlook! I don’t know how effective recycling programmes always are (there was a news story about residential glass collected for recycling being dumped because there was nowhere to send/process it) but I think every conscious action helps!

  • I haven’t heard of the brand before, but it’s good to hear the products are all environmentally friendly. I don’t go out of my way I guess to buy them, but I have picked up a lot of cruelty free and natural skincare lately and I am enjoying it. Superdrug over here also does their own affordable skincare range that is cruelty free. This range sounds great as it is really affordable, and I have dry skin so I quite like the sound of quite a few of these, like the night cream xx

    Velvet Blush

    • I’ve been really curious about the Superdrug in-house brand, as there’s quite a lot of talk about it in the beauty community! Plus that Una Brennan range as well?

  • I’ve not heard of this brand before, but these sound so good! It’s so good to hear that they are cruelty free!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • It’s so good to see more affordable brands that are cruelty free! Thanks for your comment!