FACE | Nirvana Bourbon and juicy lips

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon inspired makeup look, with Glamglow lip plumper

After all the griping I’ve been doing lately I thought I had better post a makeup look to remind you that a) I do have a face and b) I put makeup on it occasionally.

This look was inspired by Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon which you probably can’t buy unless you live in the United States (or if you’re despo, try eBay), but if you can buy it, you should, because it’s damn delicious. My friend Esme brought me back a bottle and I love it, I love the bottle which looks like a 60s cigarette case (is it problematic to find that visually pleasing??) and I love the smell. It smells like your jacket after a party where you stood close to a bonfire and then someone spilled bourbon and coke on you. It does smell like booze, so if you aren’t into that, then this is not for you… and perhaps I should stop wearing it to work.

I also took the opportunity to try the Glamglow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment—the first in a series of lip plumpers that I’m testing because I’m a permanent skeptic but am also permanently curious. There’s a before and after in this post.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon perfume bottle, hard to get in New Zealand

How good is the bottle, right? All deep dark crimson amber glass contrasted with that brassy gold. The scent isn’t at all floral but neither does it stray into sickly sweetness—I think it’s definitely a unisex fragrance if you’re the type who thinks that fragrances should be gendered.

Nirvana bourbon inspired makeup

I took these photos over a month ago BUT if I wrack my brains here’s what was on the rest of my face:

  • EX1 Invisiwear foundation in 2.0 and 4.0 (review to come!)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette on my eyes (but really it’s just some warm brown eyeshadows)
  • Stila Stay All Day liquid liner (the eyeliner is my least favourite part of this look—I just need to give up on trying to make liquid liner work on me, I think)
  • MAC Diva over MAC Nightmoth on my lips

Glamglow lip plumper

Then I got out the Glamglow lip plumper. This is $37 but I bought it when I was at the Mecca Maxima opening and I don’t think the price was very clearly marked. I thought that maybe it would be miraculous and give me big juicy lips and would be worth the $37!

Now, it turns out I used it wrong—I was meant to wear it alone or under my lipstick, but I put it over. I was operating under the assumption it would be like the Too Faced Lip Injection, which I also have lined up to test and which you can put over lipstick.

Regardless, it tingled and stung like a motherfucker, so it felt like it was doing something. This product uses menthol, spearmint oil and capsaicin to irritate the lips, which is what causes the stinging and also causes minor swelling—giving the illusion of larger lips.

glamglow lip plumper matte after

Looking at the results, though (this is after it had a good 10–15 minutes on my lips) I don’t think it made a difference? They look very similar to me, maybe slightly bigger.

So, the Glamglow lip plumper is not something I’d suggest you bother with. The Nirvana Bourbon, on the other hand, is. Annoyingly, that’s the one that’s hard to get! Mary Kate and Ashley also have a clothing range called Elizabeth and James, which also looks like it has some awesome pieces and is again, annoyingly, hard to get a hold of.

What do you think of fragrances that smell like booze? What about lip plumpers? Would you bother?

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