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I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately. It’s something I’ve talked about a lot in my psych appointments and it’s what has been missing in my life, I think. I’ve been working a lot for a long time, taking on more work than I need to because I don’t know how to not work, and I don’t know how to relax.

Balance is at the core of Ayurveda medicine, a philosophy with roots thousands of years back in India, but which is quite new to me. Danielle wrote about Ayurveda a fair bit when we were writing for xoVain but I didn’t read up on it fully until I was contacted by the folks at Ayurda skincare. It’s about balancing mind and body, and taking an holistic approach to health and wellness. I’m firmly in the modern medicine camp when it comes to health in general, but natural, plant-based skincare is welcome in my world—as long as it works.

I’m not a spiritual person at all and I don’t believe in souls or anything like that, so my skepticism is hard to suppress. I struggled to buy in when their website said it could tell me my Ayurvedic skin type from just a quick multi-choice quiz (because I get a different result every time I do the Myers-Briggs test and find astrology novel but entirely made up) but there it was: I’m a Pitta predominant, apparently, which means my skin is sensitive, oily and prone to redness. Which is true!

The quiz went beyond just skin-typing questions and addressed my hair, body and personality too. I have a fiery nature, apparently, which I’m sure my mum wouldn’t dispute. Pitta predominant skin is ‘a combination of fire and water elements’ and can be balanced with herbs that create coldness, astringency, softness and heaviness.

Ayurda Ayurvedic skincare for oily and sensitive skin

Ayurda Balance programme

What this leads me to, skincare wise, is the Ayurda Balance programme. It contains four products which I’ve been trying out for the past wee while and which are blended specifically with the Pitta dosha in mind.

Ayurda Ayurvedic skincare cucumber and basil cleanser

Cucumber and Basil Cleanser, $69.95*

You know how much I love a cream cleanser, and although I don’t like to eat cucumber, I love it in skincare. This is a light lotion-like cream cleanser with a very faint green tint and a delicate cucumber scent—I don’t pick up any basil at all, which is a shame because I love basil.

It does feel cooling on the skin as promised (I’m not sure how exactly) and does a decent job of cleansing off daily grime. I’d suggest using a separate makeup remover or wipe first if you’re wearing makeup.

Ayurda Ayurvedic skincare blackberry astringent toner

Blackberry Astringent Toner, $55*

I’m never not singing the praises of alcohol-free toners, so this ticks a box already. This toner comes in a spray bottle that actually does produce a nice, fine mist. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, unfortunately, which means I skip the “apply this three times over” advice and just go for the one spray.

Given my skin isn’t too acne-prone at the moment (fingers crossed it stays that way) I could probably swap this toner out for the rose and basil one, which is also recommended for cooling Pitta skin.

Ayurda Ayurvedic skincare almond and saffron moisturiser

Almond and Saffron Moisturiser, $79.95*

The programme comes with two moisturisers, the first a lotion and the second a cream. This one is the lightweight lotion, with an almond oil base teamed with glycerin (thumbs up emoji) and wheat germ oil for treating scars and PIH.

It’s got a nice gentle scent that I can’t pinpoint and absorbs quickly and comfortably into the skin—and plays nicely under makeup, which is always a plus.

Ayurda Ayurvedic skincare magic touch cream

Magic Touch Cream, $69.95*

I wasn’t quite sure how to use this when I first saw it, but the description on the website explains you can use it as an all-over cream or as a spot treatment. I don’t think I’d use it as a spot treatment as it’s quite thick and heavy; instead it’s getting used as a night cream.

A note on the pricing: I’ve listed the pricing for the full-size products here, but the products included in the 21 day trial programme are smaller (30ml each).


That trial programme is usually priced at $199 (ouch!) but Ayurda are offering a discount so that if you are interested in trying out the range, it’s only $89—which is much more reasonable! Just use the code hyacinthgirl89 for the 55% off.

The focus on balance within Ayurvedic philosophy is a good reminder, I think, about balancing life in general, not just in your skin. Yoga comes up a lot in Ayurvedic texts and while it’s not a strictly Ayurvedic practice, it’s a way to focus on your body, your strength and your mindfulness all in one go. I’ve been pretty slack with keeping up with any kind of regular yoga practice over the past few years but every time I do make time for some yoga, I feel happier, so it might be time to get back into that sun salute life.

Have you had any experience with Ayurveda? Would you be interested in trying the Ayurda skincare range?

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