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Irresistible Me hair extensions in Chocolate Brown

Last year, I was sent some hair extensions to try from Irresistible Me*. I took an arty photo and then neglected them entirely, mostly because they were incredibly long (Rapunzel Me) and I was intimidated (Intimidated Me).

I’ve always had the intention of getting them back out (Well-Intentioned Me) and playing with them, but I knew they needed a lot of work. I’ve had hair extensions before (two of them pictured in a 2013 blog post about my hair history) but they’ve always been cheap and a bit shitty.

The Irresistible Me ones aren’t cheap or shitty, so I wanted to do them justice… but then in January I was at my hair appointment with Matt and spontaneously decided to colour my hair black (Spontaneous Me) and suddenly the dark brown hair extensions wouldn’t look so good in my hair.

Well, the black has softened a bit and I felt guilty enough (Guilty Me) to finally give these extensions a good chance. And I’m impressed! (Impressible Me.) But it took a bit of work to get there.

So this is my natural hair in its natural state, fresh out of a top-knot. Just to show you what we’re working with.

We’re introducing it (Introducing Me) to a 140g set of 18″ Chocolate Brown Silky Touch Irresistible Me hair extensions (clip in). I picked 140g because it was the middle weight and 18″ because it was the middle length (Indecisive Me). In this set you get 8 pieces or wefts of different lengths, which I find are more than enough.

I also found that 18″ was more than enough length. See:

Irresistible Me hair extensions in Chocolate Brown, 18"

This is the full set clipped in, with no styling. It’s a bit long for me, and I think because the length is so consistent, it doesn’t blend into my natural hair.

(I had the extensions in, unstyled when I was wearing blue and green lipstick—Unconventional Me—the other month, but the whole thing was a disaster from the back and it was only suitable for carefully-staged photos, definitely not real life.)

Obviously the only thing to do is cut the extensions.

DIY cutting hair extensions

I’m not a stranger to this exercise. The easiest way to cut your own hair extensions, in my experience, is to peg them up somewhere so you can get the length consistent.

What you end up with isn’t going to be as integrated as if you clipped the extensions in and then had them cut into “a haircut” i.e. an actual style, but I feel a bit of a fool taking hair extensions to Matt and asking him to cut them in. (Sorry if you don’t know who Matt is—he cuts my hair and if you’re in Wellington and need someone to cut your hair, you must go to his salon.)

I also didn’t want to risk accidentally cutting my own hair (Cautious Me).

Instead of cutting across bluntly, I used one of my cheap eBay razors along the ends of the hair approximately where I wanted to cut it, to make the cut a little less severe. It’s probably awful for the razor and the hair, but it’s quick and easy and the razors are cheap and the hair isn’t my own so, you know. It looks fine, anyway, and no split ends or anything, and I took about four inches off and the results are much, much more natural (Naturally Me).

Irresistible Me hair extensions in Chocolate Brown, 140g

The finished look (curled in, I’ll admit) is much better. I think the curls here are still a bit Louis XIV (Sun King Me) but they’ll drop pretty quickly. The extensions also look better with a hat on (see the top photo in this post!) I picked this up from Instagram girls using hats to hide their cheap wigs.

Next steps: to wear these bad boys in public. It’s more a question of me going out in public looking dressed-up enough to justify hair extensions than me getting up the courage. I’m still tempted to trim them a bit more and use them exclusively for adding volume to my hair, rather than length. I’ll keep you updated.

So, the verdict on the Irresistible Me hair extensions: they’re pretty dope. They’re the first set of hair extensions I’ve had that I’ve had confidence in wearing out in public (and in daytime, not in a dark bar). Despite my constant mocking of the name! I’ve paid for more expensive hair extensions from TradeMe before, that I wasn’t impressed with (Unimpressed Me).

Have you worn hair extensions before? Do you think they’re fun, or faff? And what do you think of these ones—do they look convincing?

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