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Becca Prismatic Amethyst highlighter

The Becca Prismatic Amethyst Highlighter is a duo-chrome lavender highlight powder. Given I barely wear makeup on the daily anymore, let alone a makeup look that warrants highlighter, let alone a makeup look that warrants pearlescent purple highlighter, it’s not the most utilitarian purchase.

Having said all this… I fucking love it. It’s so extra, it’s so unnecessary, but it’s also beautiful. I bought it as a kind-of birthday gift to myself, and because ‘prismatic amethyst’ sounded witchy and mystical and amethyst is my birthstone and even the pattern pressed into the powder is beautiful.

I’ve never got too excited about Becca highlighters before, partly because they don’t look that thrilling and partly because my The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer covers everything I’ll ever need, highlighter-wise, and will also last forever. I don’t love Jaclyn Hill so I wasn’t jumping out of my seat to buy the highlighter they ‘collaborated with her’ on (read: branded with her name).

The faceted surface of the powder and how grey it looked in the promotion shots was a big factor in buying this product—I did kind of wonder how grey read ‘prismatic amethyst’ but I was curious and had money in my Paypal account. I have a lovely ‘supplier’ (lol) in the US who helps me with Sephora orders but now it’s available from the New Zealand Sephora website!

Becca Prismatic Amethyst Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed, $72 NZD

Ah, yeah, but it’s $72. On the American Sephora it’s $38 USD, which currently converts to $54 NZD, so we’re being taken for a little bit of a ride. I’m not entirely sure I’d spend $72 on this totally extra highlighter, but I’ve spent my money on sillier things in the past, so, you know. I probably would.

On the skin it sheers out beautifully, and doesn’t look anything as ashy as you might expect looking at it in the pan (on my skin tone at least). It’s also very easily to build up and use as an eyeshadow, AND it sits on top of a lip colour nicely too. It’s creamy and not powdery or dusty at all.

Basically, if you’re into the unicorn mystic thing that everyone’s into lately, you’ll be into this product.

And because I haven’t embedded from enough of my social media yet, here’s a photo from a day I used the Becca prismatic amethyst shimmering whatever on both my eyes and my cheeks. (It’s not a selfie without lipstick on my teeth :D)

How do you feel about this product? What about iridescent highlighters in general? Pretty, or too much?

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  • It looks way too pretty and I definitely need it.

  • The Sunday Mode

    Oh wow this looks really beautiful, that promo shot with the amethyst is so nice as well! I love amethyst in general I’ve got a few big chunks of it in my house so that really draws me in.
    Is there an actual hint of lavender that you see on the skin at all when you apply it?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • There’s a sheered-out swatch on the right-hand side of the gif which is pretty much what it looks like on the face. You only see the lavender when the light hits it!

  • It looks so pretty! I’m much more of a cream highlighter kind of girl, to be completely honest, but I feel like I could totally get on board with this <3

    • The formula of this is so creamy it’s practically a cream! Have you tried the milk makeup holo stick or w/e it is?

      • I haven’t tried anything from milk – do you recommend? I got the Glossier haloscope and that’s kinda all I’ve been using lately <3

        • I’ve only tried the mascara – I’m on the fence about the brand as a whole but their highlighter is meant to be a standout.

  • Charlotta Eve

    I rarely wear highlighter, ’cause I have acne and texture on my skin. This looks fabulous however <3 lavender hue sounds perfect for me.


  • Frankly Flawless

    I love highlighters and this looks interesting, I have the Becca Shimmering skin perfecter and love it x


  • I know it’s super pretty and I love BECCA but the price just makes me avoid it like the plague. It’s so so pretty though!
    Ivory Avenue