EYES | Real vs fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Exteriors of real and fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palettes
The Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette has to be the most talked-about makeup item of 2016. And since the Anastasia Beverly Hills warehouse was burgled in March, it has been one of the most difficult to buy.

I talked shit on this palette a few months ago and didn’t expect to ever buy it, but then I was shopping on eBay or maybe Aliexpress and found a fake version of it for six dollars. (I wasn’t looking for replica makeup, I promise!)

Naturally, I bought the fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette—for research purposes. And after it arrived and I saw what it was like, I felt I owed it to everyone to write a comparison post. (I bought the real palette from Cult Beauty but it is also available on Sephora NZ.)

If you’re here because you’re excited about finding a replica Modern Renaissance palette for cheap, well, it’s possible, but it’s not great. You could probably tell that already from the difference in outer packaging for the palettes. The fake version doesn’t even make an attempt at copying the real thing’s mauve flocked exterior—it’s covered in pale pink paper instead.

Not a great start.

Real vs fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette

Opened up next to each other, the difference is really visible. The fake version looks like it’s been left out in the sun for six months. While both are made of cardboard, the fake one’s matte black cardboard is cut unevenly and shows up dust instantly. The real ABH palette is shiny and clean, its pans nicely aligned.

Not to mention the difference between the eyeshadows themselves—there’s not a single shadow in the fake Modern Renaissance palette that even remotely resembles the real thing. Every eyeshadow in the fake one is loaded with shimmer (even the ones that are matte in the real thing) and super unsaturated. Not dusty at all, but so tightly packed and shimmer-heavy that they swatch even worse than they look in the pan (just wait and see!)

The real Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is rich in colour and varied in texture—Vermeer and Primavera are highly reflective, shimmery/metallic shades, while the rest are either lightly shimmered or rich mattes

I didn’t want to love these eyeshadows, but I do. I used them for the first time the other night while doing my friend Amy’s makeup and they went on like a motherfucking dream. So easy to work with, so beautifully coordinated. I get the hype.

And now, the swatches. I need to warn you in advance that I haven’t desaturated the images at all. The swatches of the fake shadows are also super generously built up, and what you see is the absolute best I could get out of them.

Fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette swatches

Swatches of a fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette

Real Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette swatches

(For fun, you can compare this photo to my DIY version made of dupes I found in my own collection before I bought the palette. I didn’t do the greatest job!)

I don’t think you need me to tell you that the fake Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette is an absolute piece of shit and you should never buy it. (If you’re judgemental of the fact I gave the seller money for it, you may be pleased to know the seller’s account was shut down before my palette arrived and my money was refunded by eBay.)

Good quality makeup tends to cost more for a reason—and if you can’t afford a branded item, there are plenty of affordable brands out there that aren’t ripping off genuine companies and violating trademarks.

How laughable is the fake one! What do you think? Would you ever buy replica cosmetics? I hope not!

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