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The Body Shop Shower Gels: Almond and Honey, Pinita Colada, Mango, Strawberry and British Rose

I love The Body Shop. My favourite ever range is the strawberry range—a classic, absolutely-doesn’t-smell-like-real-strawberries scent that reminds me of childhood and never gets old. New scents come out all the time and they’re always great (that Christmas apple one in particular) but nothing will surpass strawberry for me.

That being said… I get spoiled by The Body Shop and always have a queue of Body Shop shower gels to use and I’m not complaining that they don’t keep me in permanent stock of the strawberry one. The latest addition to the stash on the laundry shelf (the shower is in the laundry in my house, weirdly) is Almond Milk and Honey*—actually a shower cream and not a gel.

Almond Milk and Honey Soothing and Caring Shower Cream*, $17.50

With winter approaching and the fact I never use body moisturiser because I Just. Can’t. Be. Fucked. this shower cream is going to be super handy. My house is cold, cold somehow means dry skin, and dry skin means scaly skin. I mean, I guess it doesn’t matter that much because most of my body is covered up all winter, especially my legs (their fur coat starts growing in in March and stays around until November), but a nice rich, soothing body cream will help ward off that scaly vibe anyway.

There’s also a bath milk in this range if you like baths (I hate baths) and a nourishing and protecting body butter and hand cream. They’re all specially developed for dry and sensitive skin—and they actually don’t contain any irritants, unlike half of the “sensitive skin” products out there.

British Rose Shower Gel*, $17.50

The British Rose range always crops up around Mother’s Day because mothers like roses, duh. I’m iffy on rose scents but this one is light and delicate (unusual for a traditional Body Shop product, perhaps) and not stuffy and old-fashioned. Their marketing copy talks about the roses being “hand-picked”, which is hilarious because I don’t care whether the roses are hand-picked or wrenched off a plant by a rose-picking machine—in fact, that would be even more exciting to me, but I don’t think everyone feels the same way.

The British Rose range comes in some unique gift sets like this manicure set, or you can go big with the premium selection gift if you REALLY love your Mum.

I know that using a spendy shower gel is uneccessary and a supermarket one would get you equally clean, but if you can justify it, having a beautifully-scented bath product in the shower is a nice treat and a little bonus incentive for rolling out of bed and into the shower each morning.

What’s your favourite Body Shop scent?

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  • Hahaha yes I love the strawberry scent too. It smells so delicious and sweet, but not like real berries at all. Still amazing and it lingers on the skin for ages too

    • That longevity is what makes me love The Body Shop – you can catch whiffs of yourself all day!

  • I’m all about the peach scents, which are unfortunately not permanent here! I snap up the shower gel & body butter whenever they’re available as limited edition ones though.

    • Oh no! I love the peach ones too – they smell like those peaches and cream lollies. At least the body butter lasts for ages (for me anyway).