LIPS | Give me blue lipstick, give me green lipstick

Kat Von D blue lipstick liquid in Echo

MAC’s beauty guru collaboration lipsticks start launching this month and they are boring as fuck. If you got a chance to collaborate with MAC on your own lipstick colour, why would you pick the blandest shade of white-girl-nude? And if you were MAC, why would you let the ten ~beauty gurus~ you’re collaborating with make nine indistinguishable shades of light pinky brown? (I don’t really know who Vic Ceridono is but her lipstick is the only non-nude shade in the bunch so I instantly feel very favourably towards her.)

These bloggers all just made a shade that matches their natural lip colour (Samantha Ravndahl even admitted as much). Every colour Temptalia has reviewed so far has multiple 95% match dupes.

I’m so bored even writing about this ???? This blog post is meant to be about fun lipstick instead! Green lipstick! Blue lipstick! Death to nude lipstick!

I’ve been wearing the MAC Halsey lipstick as my go-to “going out” lipstick colour for months, but one grey-blue lipstick isn’t enough so I’ve recently added some other blue and green lipsticks to my collection.

Blue green lipstick swatch comparison MAC Halsey, Limnit Olive My Love, MAC Mean Green Machine, Kat Von D Echo

MAC Halsey blue lipstick lip swatch

MAC Halsey lipstick, $17 USD

This was available for ages on the MAC site, presumably because not that many people buy grey-blue lipsticks, but it is finally gone (although I’ve linked to Glambot because I’m sure it will show up there sooner or later if you really want to buy it).

I love this lipstick, the colour is great and not too deadgrey (it has quite warm undertones) and it has superb pigmentation. Not patchy at all. I love it I love it I love it.

Limnit Lipsticks Olive my Love lip swatch

Limnit Lipsticks Olive My Love*, $7 NZD

Indie companies are always killing it when it comes to unconventional colours and my favourite is Limnit Lipsticks. They’re vegan, if you care, very pigmented, aren’t too drying, and have cute names. They have quite a few green and blue lipsticks to choose from—more than when I first came across them. I have Olive My Love in a little mini jar which is all I need, because as much as I talk about loving weirdly coloured lipsticks, I don’t wear them every day.

MAC Colour Rocker lipstick in Mean Green Machine lip swatch

MAC Mean Green Machine, $40 NZD

The MAC Colour Rocker collection launched last month in New Zealand and I am so delighted by it. It’s everything MAC means to me: bold, exciting, comprehensive (that 28-shade full rainbow of shades tho) and high quality. I’ve loitered by the display in store a few times now, but this weekend I bought Mean Green Machine as a reward for going to the gym once (if I keep this up, it’s going to get expensive!)

It’s a blackened forest green lipstick, with the green-ness more than a little difficult to clock, which makes it somehow even better to me because it looks black on first glance.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo lip swatch

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Echo, $30 NZD

How weird do I look with giant false lashes on? I figured since I was already wearing hair extensions, I might as well go full beauty blogger and put on the lashes too. Anyway, we’re meant to be talking about the lipstick. I don’t love liquid lipsticks but Echo is such a fun indigo blue and it was only $30 NZD and idk I think I just wanted to buy some makeup so now I have it and I don’t regret it.

This colour bleeds quite a bit so I used a clear lip liner around the outside edge of my lips before applying it, and that put a stop to any feathering. Once on, the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick formula is pretty comfortable to wear, but it’s a bitch to get off.

What do you think about unconventional lipstick colours? Would you wear green or blue lipstick? Which of these shades is your favourite?

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  • Shinygirl

    I have no idea what to write here…just… this was a brilliant read, maybe you should read the riot act to boring brands more often? Nailed it. Also – gonna get me some of that Limnit lipstick (you’re killing it in the photos) 😀

    • Thank you!! I really should haha it was fun to write! Definitely look into Limnit, they have an awesome range of colours!

  • Kristie

    I love KVD echo on you – its such a gorgeous colour! Every time I go into sephora I am tempted to buy it. I am comfortable wearing dark and bright purples but haven’t plucked up enough courage to try a blue yet

    • I think Echo might be a gateway blue! It still has a lot of purple in it which makes it sliiiightly easier to wear?

      • Kristie

        Totally! That’s a reason why I like it. If it wasn’t $30, I probably would have bought it already. I struggle to justify spending $30 on a product I might not ever leave the house wearing

        • Completely valid! I wonder if Limnit do a similar shade?

  • The most unconventional I’ve ever gone in purple and even then I’ve only worn it like twice. I should be more adventurous! You look so good in these.

    • Thanks Lena! I reckon you’d suit purple!

  • punkdinosaur

    Agree on the beauty guru rant! You should do more of those.

    • Haha, I guess I have a lot of feelings about that! I’ll be writing about Anastasia Modern Renaissance again soon too which I also have strong feelings about… look out for more rants!

  • I totally thought the same when I started looking through the beauty guru collab, they are pretty but not unique whatsoever, but of course will sell because of the names attached to them (smart MAC, very smart). You weirdly suit all of these shades… how is that possible?! Echo looks so bomb

    • Thanks gal! I think lots of people suit colours like this, they’re just not brave enough to try them!