LIPS | New Antipodes Moisture-Boost natural lipstick

I was telling myself it had been a productive weekend, until I remembered that none of the three-thousand-odd words I’ve written were for Hyacinth Girl and that I haven’t published a blog post for a couple of weeks. So, here I am on Sunday night at 10pm, listening to the ever-enthusiastic Steve1989 open military rations while I write a well-overdue post about Antipodes’ recently relaunched Moisture-Boost natural lipsticks.

Antipodes have had natural lipsticks in their range for years, but last month I was invited to their relaunch where they introduced the refreshed line with an extended range of colours, all named after New Zealand locations.

Their whole thing is that the lipsticks and their ingredients are so “healthy” that you could almost eat them. Annie made eating makeup almost look glamorous when she was at xoVain (RIP, they’ve relocated our content over to xoJane now and I bet that won’t live too long either) but I wouldn’t recommend it. Lipstick = wax = that awful feeling coating the inside of your mouth.

The distinction is kind of arbitrary—all lipsticks are safe enough to be consumed in small quantities because it’s inevitable, regardless of how natural their ingredients are, but if natural and organic is your schtick, these are fantastic lipsticks.

If natural and organic doesn’t mean much to you, these are still fantastic lipsticks. There are twelve shades that actually span a good spectrum from coral and orange through to hot pink, bold red and deep brown (Queenstown Hot Chocolate, not pictured in this post, is actually my favourite).

From left to right: Forest Berry Red, Oriental Bay Plum, and South Pacific Coral, swatched lightly then heavily.

I sometimes expect that natural makeup will be a bit insipid in pigmentation, but the Antipodes Moisture-Boost lipsticks can be built up to a decent amount of colour. Their glossy-balminess means you compromise a bit on longevity, but if you build up the colour you can get a bit of staining and force some good wear time out of it.

Antipodes Moisture-Boost lipsticks are $34 and you can get them from Farmers, pharmacies and anywhere else Antipodes is available (like those health food stores? Don’t ask me, I don’t go there). Antipodes is often on offer with a free gift so maybe wait until you can get one of their fantastic hand creams for free if you buy two lipsticks (you’ll want to!)

Please accept my apologies that I don’t have lip swatches in this post—I had the best of intentions and even had an outfit planned to match one of the lipsticks but I actually haven’t worn makeup in weeks and didn’t quite get it together enough to make today be the day I broke that streak.

Next time… powder cleansers? A Vitamin C explainer? No post for six months? Stay tuned to find out! (I have like eight posts half-drafted, I promise I’ll get more regular with posting!)

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  • Oh, I’m so horribly sad that they moved the Vain posts! I was just on there the other day re-reading through some stuff, looking for old recs to help with my suddenly angry skin, and it was still on the old site, then.

    • It’s all still cached in google which is handy for finding things but it’s quite hard to navigate around on xoJane – a bad sign :/

  • Lisa

    Will definitely check these out! I’ve got a couple Karen Murrell lipsticks but haven’t tried the Antipodes ones. Yes please for a post on Vit C! Trinny (as in the Trinny and Susannah of old) has done a great YouTube video on Vit C. If you can handle her completely manic presentation style there is some great info (and entertainment) in those vids.

    • Wow, Trinny! That’s a throwback. I did wonder recently what they were up to! I’ll have to look it up.

  • This looks awesome. I’m in the U.S., so a little jealous right now. They look especially fabulous and great for spring/summer.

    • I think Antipodes have a US site! Everything they make is amazing, all their skincare is fab so it’s awesome to see them expanding into more makeup too.

      • Very cool!!! I saw an Italian line in Walmart and that was awesome. It’s nice when small lines get to expand!

  • Where else are you posting, if you want to say? Just always curious to find new articles to read!

    • Ah I do a lot of ghostwritten stuff! Just boring corporate content or whatever, nothing exciting 🙁

      • Good for you! At least you are getting gigs. Sucks it’s not a passion for you though! And I always thought ghostwriting sucks, as the writers don’t get recognition, but I know it’s a necessary evil in the industry today. And if you can make money off of it, it’s better than a lot of alternatives!

        • A lot of the things I ghostwrite aren’t in a style I’d want to put my name to anyway, so it doesn’t bother me too much. It’s a bit of extra $! Although sometimes hard if you want to use an article in your portfolio but it doesnt have your name on it..

          • True! Never thought of that, the resume. That still sucks. You can list it…but then you can’t provide proof!!!! I work…I swear!!! 🙂