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The Organic Skin Co is a skincare and makeup brand created by World Organics. Organic skincare isn’t that exciting but seeing an organic beauty company that does base cosmetics is a little less common. I’m used to seeing mineral powder foundations maybe, but The Organic Skin Co does a full range of cosmetics including cream concealers, luminising primers and highlighters, some of which I’ve been sent to review and swatch for you guys. I was really stoked to see the breadth of shades available as well—too often, natural beauty brands offer a pitiful range of colours in base products.

One thing I will say: this brand has the least memorable name possible. I’m surprised they don’t struggle with their SEO, as the name is so generic. I get that it describes what they do, but I was all ready to write a blog post about ‘The Natural Beauty Co’ and then ‘The Organic Beauty Co’ before I realised they were actually called ‘The Organic Skin Co’. Lucky I triple checked!
The Organic Skin Co cream concealer

The Organic Skin Co Cream Concealer*, $35 NZD

As I said, I was impressed to see that The Organic Skin Co makes concealers in a range of colours. They have seven shades, and I have six of them to show. They have both pink and yellow undertones available, too—the undertones are quite pronounced, which you can see in the swatches, which is great if you lean heavily pink or yellow.

The formula is very firm but you can warm it up by rubbing your finger into the pot or, if you want to be a bit more hygienic, applying it with a brush or sponge before working it into your skin with a finger. It’s very similar to the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer, but much cheaper! Like the Laura Mercier one, if you’re using this under the eyes, you only need a tiny amount, applied directly to the area you want to conceal (no Youtuber triangles!)

The Organic Skin Co Purely Primer*, $55 NZD

The Purely Primer is a moisturising primer available in two shades: Lunar and Rose Gold. It contains a small amount of pigment that gives the primer a very mildly radiant effect on the skin—it’s obviously very visible in the heavy swatches I’ve done here, but is much more subtle when spread across your whole face.

The brand’s page describes this product as being hydrating, mattifying and smoothing, which is a lot to deliver on. While it’s certainly a very nice product to use and it behaves nicely under foundation, looking at its ingredients it’s going to be best at moisturising and is therefore better suited for a dry skin.

(Let’s pretend the swatch is out of focus on purpose, so you can better see the shimmer in effect.)

The Organic Skin Co Luminizer*, $35 NZD

This is a solid cream highlighter available in two colours—again, Lunar and Rose Gold. Lunar is a white-based gold and Rose Gold is more bronze-based. I don’t see a lot (or any) pink so I think the name is a bit of a stretch!

Both shades can be applied quite heavily to get a serious gleaming effect but sheer out really well. The formula is castor oil-based so doesn’t have the longest wear time but it looks very fresh and vibrant on the skin.

The Organic Skin Co also does a full range of skincare and makeup including eye and lip products. The packaging is really adorable—the wood lids are a nice touch and while the jars are plastic rather than glass, the amber colour is neat too.

Have you tried anything from The Organic Skin Co? What product would you like to try first?

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  • punkdinosaur

    Looks beautiful! How would you say these compare to Lush makeup? They both sort of tout that “industry-free, organic-ish” feel.

  • Love this post. I have just started to try some products from their range and I have a post going up.. today (I think) for the shadows.

  • Love the look of the Lunar Luminizer! And those wooden lids are so pretty.