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I remember having a long and heated argument with an ex-boyfriend about whether wearing fake glasses for fashion purposes was stupid or not (I said it was, he said it wasn’t). That argument isn’t relevant today because although these glasses don’t have my prescription in them, they will very shortly, and I need that prescription to be able to see properly. You don’t see me wearing glasses on my blog that often because it’s hard to take photos without getting reflections in the lenses, but I wear them every day of my life.

The glasses I’m showing off in this post are the Marc Jacobs Havana frames*, a very cool and slightly outside of my comfort zone pair of glasses that have newly come into my life as a gift from Smart Buy Glasses. They’re blue! The longer I’ve worn glasses, the braver I’ve become with the style I wear—I started out with quite a conservative Carter Bond pair before my current default frames from Bailey Nelson.

Despite intending to write this blog post years ago, I’ve never written about how I change my makeup for glasses, so I’m going to do that today!

Just for your reference, the glasses above are my regular, prescription-lensed Valerie frames from Bailey Nelson. I’ve had ’em about a year and people seem to really love them! They were certainly a bold choice for me when I bought them (the guy at Bailey Nelson encouraged me to pick something that wasn’t an exact copy of my existing pair) but I like that they’re a little bit interesting.

And the new pair from Marc Jacobs. It’s crazy how much a pair of glasses can change how your face looks. The lenses in these glasses are much rounder and taller, which I’m still getting used to. I LOVE the blue though—I chose it to go with my eye colour and I’m really pleased with how it looks. I think the narrowness of the frames makes the blue not too high-key!

Truthfully, I love doing eye makeup and then putting my glasses on. I feel like the glasses act as a frame (well, duh) so you’ve got free range within that border, which means you can push your eyeshadow colours out and bring the blending further out from the eye than you might usually do.

Here I’ve obviously chosen a warm brown eyeshadow, just to really dial up the complementary colours situation with the frames. This colour is Faith from the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palette. You could leave the look here, and I do tend to leave the look with just one colour all over the lid and up through the crease if I’m in a hurry or not slapping on an entire face of makeup.

natural blended makeup for glasses

See how I’ve brought the eyeshadow super high up but it totally looks fine (please tell me it totally looks fine).

makeup for glasses with marc jacobs havana frames

The true business is when you take it way further. I’ve just continued the look to its logical conclusion, beefing up the eyeshadow with Extra Bitter from the same Urban Decay palette for more red vibes and more depth, lining my upper lashline and bottom waterline with MAC Fluidline in Dip Down, and then whacking on a shitload of Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara (just to counteract all the MAC and Urban Decay in this look).

I feel like if you anchor a blown-out eyeshadow look with lashes and liner, it really pops and contrasts well with the glasses. And you don’t need to buy blue frames for this to work—the complementary colour vibe works with any colour. For example, do the inverse of this combo, with a pop of blue liner against your frames if they’re brown.

Intense makeup for glasses - smokey eye

The other reason I like doing my eye makeup for glasses is that they kind of disguise any fuckups I make. I got mascara all around my eyes when I did this look, but I feel like you can’t tell too much? Also my blending isn’t perfect, but it’s never perfect, and truthfully I don’t care much about that anyway. The makeup looks dope without glasses too:

I would just have to not drive or do anything where I need to see further than about a metre in front of my face if I wanted to show off my makeup without the glasses on.

I actually had a really hard time picking which glasses I wanted from Smart Buy Glasses. The site sounds a bit fishy but from what I can tell they’re totally legit. The advantage of being an online store is that they don’t have any of the overheads that a physical optometrist does, which is why they can sell the glasses for less. (I mean, Luxottica own everything anyway, right?)

Some of the other glasses I had bookmarked while I tried to make up my mind were the Marc Jacobs MJ 484, Marc Jacobs MARC115 (you can sense a theme here) and the Chloe CE 2677 272. (I’m still thinking about those Chloe frames.) I also noticed they have Tom Ford frames for way less than my optometrist does. So if you’re brave enough to buy glasses online, or if you know what frames you want, take a look at the site and you might find yourself a bargain!

Do you have any tips for wearing makeup with glasses?

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  • The Snow Dog

    Thank you for the glasses post! I feel like I’m seeing more tutorials for glasses lately, which is really nice. I recently watched one by a big beauty guru/MUA, and she recommended using lighter colours when you are nearsighted since your eyes look smaller behind the lenses (and vice versa for farsighted). Do you buy into that or let it factor into your looks?

    • Hah you’re welcome, thanks for the feedback! My prescription isn’t too strong so it doesn’t make my eyes look significantly smaller, luckily. I don’t think it matters that much anyway—sticking aggressively to light or dark colours can mean you end up losing the option to create depth in a look. I still think, for example, you can create a look that makes your eyes look big while also tightlining in black! But if you’re new to makeup and need some general advice there’s no harm in following that.

      • The Snow Dog

        Yeah, though I agree with the theory behind her tutorial, it also came across a little anal 🙂 Like you, I’m more likely to end up with mascara on my lids than worry about if I’m using the right colour scheme for my prescription and the phase of the moon.

    • I heard that too somewhere in the YT community I think, and I didn’t know what to think about that one either. I would think it would be really similar in color to regular eye shadow looks. I actually found I could do more bold looks, since they were behind glass. I pretty much just wear contacts now. I’ve gone most of my life wearing makeup and glasses though, and never heard that until a couple weeks ago.

  • Yiotou_La

    I wear glasses too and it was too difficult for me to find the perfect frame for my face. I tried over 100 pairs and I didn’t like any of them.


  • This was a good post. I usually don’t wear makeup to work and I don’t wear my glasses out (only for using the computer/reading)…but now there’s a boy at work I’m trying to impress so I’ve been wearing makeup, but hadn’t done anything particular to consider the fact I’m wearing glasse!

    • Thanks Lena! I don’t usually wear makeup to work either, but I find it does give me a real boost in my self esteem. Good luck with your wooing!

      • Can I book you for my wedding?! I definitely feel more confident, especially when my skin is bad.

  • Gemma (Miss Makeup Magpie)

    I love your glasses, they both suit you so much! I could never find a pair that suited me – your makeup is gorgeous xx

    • Thank you Gemma! I always felt that too, but after wearing them for a while I get used to them, even if I’m not sure right away!

  • Hi Morgan! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog today. I thought I would pop over to your blog, and this post really interested me as I wear glasses everyday too. Like you, over the years I’ve become braver with the style of frames I go for. I love the two pairs you have shown here, and they really suit you! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog