MOTD | Glambot haul and makeup look

Glambot haul flatlay

Second-hand makeup is an interesting concept. I’m not bothered by it at all—I’ve bought plenty of second-hand makeup, all the way back to when the mac_cosmetics livejournal community was still a thing, and I still sell things I’ve bought but changed my mind on (usually on Facebook groups or TradeMe).

There are extra things to be cautious of with second-hand makeup, though. It’s harder to guarantee that it’s authentic, and you want to be sure you’ve sanitised it thoroughly before you go whacking it on your face. Conveniently, there’s a site that takes care of all that business for you—Glambot. They buy the products and re-sell them, so you don’t have to mess around with annoying sellers.

I’ve had an account on Glambot for ages, mostly using their wishlist feature to get an alert if a discontinued product I really wanted became available. When they contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a Glambot haul myself, of course I said yes!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot* in Clearwater, $19.80 USD

I have wanted this forever. No really, every time I’m at a MAC counter I seek this out and stick my fingers in it and then convince myself I don’t need a pale blue cream eyeshadow. Well, I was wrong. If nothing else, Katy Perry’s latest music video has shown that a baby blue eye makeup look isn’t fundamentally hideous.

This product is $22 USD at full price. The one I bought was listed on Glambot as 80% full, but you can see from the photo that it was literally only swatched when it arrived. I used it as the base for the makeup look below, and I really, really love how it came out.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow* in Vent Glace, $24.50 USD

NARS eyeshadows are just gorgeous—and just goddamn expensive. Brand new they’re $36 USD. The Vent Glace duo pairs an icy white-silver shadow with a slightly deeper, taupe-undertoned silver. Again, this product was listed as 80% full and while it’s hard to tell with eyeshadows how much has been used, you can see most of the imprint still on top of the powder.

I love the texture of NARS eyeshadows. They’re smooth and incredibly pigmented, and the shimmers are always a dream to apply (one of my favourite eyeshadows I own is the Alhambra duo).

Glambot haul makeup look

I wanted to use all the products from my Glambot haul in one look, and I managed to do so, with the exception of one of the lipsticks! The eyeshadow has Clearwater as a base, followed with the lighter silver from the NARS duo all over the lid. I used matte black and grey shades from other palettes in my outer corner and crease. I think sticking with a limited colour palette and using black and grey to anchor the look stopped the makeup from looking too blue and out-there.

On my cheeks I’m wearing MAC Warm Soul topped with MAC Full of Joy, and on the lips is MAC Brave mixed with a bit of MAC Syrup. I realise this is pretty MAC heavy, and I make no apologies because I really love MAC.

MAC lipstick* in Brave, $13.60 USD

Another 80% full product that was practically brand new. I swatched it on my hand before taking the photo above, but when it arrived it had a crisp, clean, freshly-sliced top. Like I said earlier, Glambot sanitise all their products before sending them out, and this is particularly important for any type of creams and lip products. If you’re extra squeamish, you can use isopropyl alcohol to sanitise them again once you’ve got them in your possession.

I picked this out because I feel like I’ve heard it mentioned a lot by bloggers recently. It’s in the same colour family as all the trendy pink-nude-brown lip colours at the moment, but it pulls a bit pinker on my lips than I expected. It’s a nice shade regardless, and it’s a Satin formula, which means it has good pigmentation and is comfortable to wear on the lips.

MAC lipstick* in Cyber, $13.60 USD

Now for something at the opposite end of the ~wearability~ spectrum. I don’t believe I didn’t own MAC Cyber sooner! This is the classic deep dark almost-black purple lipstick that’s a goth essential and I’m stoked to finally have it. I wore it out the other weekend and thought it looked surprisingly normal—don’t you think?

MAC Mineralize blush* in Warm Soul, $24.30 USD

This one’s a staple according to everyone who wears blush, apparently. It’s a bronzed peach blush with a golden shimmer throughout, and it gives a really nice natural warmth to the skin. I’ve used it at weddings before (not this one, I had a bride who owned it) and I can see it looking good on all sorts of skin tones. It’s a nice, slightly more bronze alternative to my all-time favourite blush, MAC Mineralize blush in Lured to Love.

Glambot haul swatches MAC Warm Soul, NARS Vent Glace, MAC Clearwater, MAC Brave, MAC Cyber

I did swatches as every good blogger should! From left to right, above: MAC Warm Soul, NARS Vent Glace 1, NARS Vent Glace 2, MAC Clearwater, MAC Brave, MAC Cyber.

Have I tempted you to make your own Glambot haul? Most of these products are still available in regular beauty stores, but Vent Glace has been discontinued, and like I said earlier, Glambot is a good place to find discontinued products. I’ve got an alert set up so that if MAC Uninterrupted or Aquadisiac comes into stock, I’ll get notified right away. It’s especially useful if you’re a collector of limited edition makeup—I think Lani uses Glambot to find old releases that she didn’t buy when they came out.

Glambot ship free internationally for orders over $99, which, frankly, isn’t too hard to achieve. You can also send your own old makeup to them to sell and maybe make some money on, but I wouldn’t suggest it if you’re not in the US, just because their prices are so much lower than what we pay on counter here in New Zealand.

How do you feel about second-hand makeup? And is there anything you’d add to your Glambot wishlist?

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  • Shinygirl

    Oh wow, love Mac Cyber! Totally impressed by the haul 🙂

    • I’ve already started filling my cart for another one!

  • Alys Persson

    Glambot sounds like what I have been looking for…. a way to destash and make a little money back from my nail polish obsession! I have a ton of indie brands and sometimes I get one and try it on and it’s …. not what I was hoping. So it gets worn once. And then sits there. Sad nail polish. Except it doesn’t look like they do nails. Grrrrr. I’m open to suggestions!

    • Oh that’s a shame they don’t do nails! Are you based in the US? There is the /r/makeupexchange subreddit, and there might be one specially for nails too!

      • Alys Persson

        I’m not very active on reddit…. but I did find a site called MUAB that will allow me to sell them. I am in the US. Such a relief to at least make a little bit back off of impulse purchases!

        • Ooh I hadn’t heard of that, but I just looked it up and it looks quite active! The /r/makeupexchange subreddit is great, I use it to find people who are willing to send Sephora stuff over to me sometimes!

    • MUABS is great, I used to buy lots of indie nail polishes from destash stores on Storenvy too.

  • Love Glambot! Although I was a bit gutted when they cottoned on that they were pricing their HTF MAC a tad too reasonably and went right up the other end of the scale! I’ve found some great gems though and the wishlist feature is awesome!

    • I’ve seen some painfully expensive Heatherette stuff etc on there! A few decently priced items too, though. I’m so glad I started using it!