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Modern Renaissance dupes

I’m getting pretty bored of all the warm and berry-toned eyeshadow palettes that have come out recently. The Anastasia Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette blew up in the makeup world in 2016 and now every person who has ever taken a photo of their makeup owns it and uses it and loves it. I didn’t think I’d love it, though—too pink, too trendy, and too extraneous in my already pretty comprehensive eyeshadow collection.

Instead of buying it I thoroughly trawled Temptalia’s dupe list for shadows I already owned or that were similar and swatched them out. It was a good exercise to re-familiarise myself with the depths of my eyeshadow collection! While I wasn’t able to pull together an entire palette of Modern Renaissance dupes, I did pretty well with what I already have.

Modern Renaissance dupes from my collection

Tempera—Urban Decay Blow (from Naked Ultimate Basics palette)
Golden Ochre—Makeup Geek Creme Brulee (less yellow)
Vermeer—Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel #1
Buon Fresco—Makeup Geek Unexpected
Antique Bronze—MAC Antiqued
Love Letter—Sleek Ultra Mattes v1 pink
Cyprus Umber—MAC Mystery

Raw Sienna—Makeup Geek Preppy
Burnt Orange—Makeup Geek Latte
Primavera—NARS Alhambra #2
Red Ochre—Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
Venetian Red—MAC Cranberry
Warm Taupe—Urban Decay Faith (from Naked Ultimate Basics palette)
Realgar—MAC Red Brick

The shades I don’t have solid dupes for are, largely, colours I wouldn’t really wear (hence why I don’t own them). They’re also the colours that make the Modern Renaissance palette iconic—the deep berry and red tones that stop it from being just another neutral eyeshadow palette. The reds and pinks that I’ve substituted lack the subtleties that make the palette work as a whole, but like I said, I’m not bothered because I know pink doesn’t work that well on me.

When it comes to putting an eyeshadow look together using the shadows I pulled from what I own, well, what I end up with is pretty basic, colour-wise.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance dupes eyeshadow look

This eyeshadow look uses Makeup Geek shadows in Creme Brulee, Latte and Cocoa Bear, with a little MAC Antiqued in the darker areas.

The Modern Renaissance dupes I have in my collection will do—I don’t feel the need to buy the palette at all. In fact, what I’d really like is something the complete opposite—heavy on the greens and golds.

Can 2017 be the year that eyeshadow trends swing towards shades that suit me better? 

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  • as always, love your face and your writing. i hadn’t even heard of this palette tbh i’m so bad at makeup hype, but it seems like another thing we don’t need especially since most beauty bloggers already have a shit ton of shadow. really into the coppery-gold hues on you xx

    • Where have you been, girl?! It’s all anyone on the internet has used for the past year+. And thank you xxx

  • This is beautiful!!!! I was Annie O/Annie Oakley in Vain for forever and now….you see. I always love the looks that you do! Prettysuperb.com has started and it has categories for women for TECH, science-y skin cAre, cosplay, and beauty! And they will link it to your site too! I don’t know if u remember me from vain and I have nothing to do with the site, but I think it’s a great resource. Idk if you are interested and please don’t take it as anything but a compliment!!!! You are awesome! And I raised your site to my favorites after ditching several xovain links I had on my front page!

    • Thanks so much gal – I remember you! PrettySuperb looks neat, I’ll definitely take a look! x

      • Yay! I have you moved up top! Glad you liked the site, whatever you decide.