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Seed and Soul New Zealand natural skincare company

Seed + Soul are the newest company to hit the growing New Zealand natural skincare market and today I’m looking at what they’re about and what sets them apart from the rest. I’m vibing on their sleek packaging and charming product names, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? These products use all natural plant-derived, paraben free ingredients.

I know what you’re thinking. Morgan, you hate that kind of thing! Not quite. I’m perfectly happy putting parabens and chemicals on my skin but I’m also perfectly happy to put plant-based and natural ingredients on my skin—as long as they don’t claim to do anything they can’t.

With that out the way, let’s get in to the products proper.

Actually, one last thing before we begin! This post is brought to you with $ support from Seed + Soul, which allows me to sit in a cafe and write it rather than on the couch with a muesli bar. (Imagine, if I stopped eating smashed avocado in cafes I could use that money to buy me a house!)

Seed + Soul was started by Zahn and Karen, two Kiwis who both have sensitive skin. They couldn’t find products to help their skin (and Zahn’s eczema) so they blended their own. That’s a pretty bold move, and I guess it has paid off! I’m always talking about learning how to make skincare and beauty products but the leap between saying and doing is a big one.

Seed and Soul New Zealand natural skincare moisturiser

Seed + Soul Calm the Face Down! moisturiser, $32 NZD

A daily moisturiser that promises to sooth sensitive skin and calm redness is fine by me. Despite adventures with retinol and Vitamin C, my redness is still ever-present. This won’t get rid of redness by any means, but it contains a stack of chamomile (the second listed ingredient!) which is calming for the skin, and the organic-sourced glycerin and sweet almond oil mean it’s hydrating and comfortable. As a bonus, it has a delightfully fruity scent due to the blackcurrant seed oil—it almost smells like Ribena.

Seed and Soul New Zealand natural skincare cleanser

Seed + Soul Ain’t No Slap in the Face cleanser, $24 NZD

I won’t blame you if you thought this was a serum rather than a cleanser—I thought the same thing when I first opened the package and it took me using my full attention (a rare thing) to realise it’s actually a cleanser. While it looks small at only 50ml, it’s coconut oil based and a little goes a long way. Massage this lightweight fluid into your face and appreciate that it’s way tidier and nicer-feeling than pure coconut oil but gives the same effect. I’d precede this with a separate makeup remover if I was using it in the evening, but the tang of lemongrass in there is designed as a morning pick-me-up and I think it’s best used for this purpose. (If you don’t cleanse your face in the morning I don’t want to hear from you.)

Seed and Soul New Zealand natural skincare mask

Seed + Soul The Charming Shaman mask, $29 NZD

This mix-it-yourself mask might not look appetising but trust me, you wish you could smell it through your screen right now. Lavender and chamomile make it smell divine and while some people pack a sad about lavender being included in any skincare products because it has a possibility of being irritating for some people, I’m always prepared to give it a pass because it smells damn relaxing and might be my favourite plant ever. In this case it’s literally at the bottom of the ingredients list, so make of that what you will.

The green clay base of this mask clarifies and balances your skin by drawing out excess oil, and it also contains tea tree oil which is antibacterial. I’d say this is one for normal to oily skin types, but it’s not so aggressively drying that a drier skin type won’t also benefit from it. You mix the mask yourself to your preferred texture when you want to use it, which gives it the bonus of longevity over a pre-mixed mask product.

Seed and Soul New Zealand natural skincare clay mask

If you’re keen to try any of these products, I’ve just found Seed + Soul do an awesome bundle where you can save $50 (fifty dollars!) if you buy them all together. I’ve got my eye on the Botanic Volcanic Mask to try next.

I’m hoping Karen and Zahn continue to expand Seed + Soul—I think there’s room for a toner or facial spray in the lineup and a spot treatment that isn’t in green herbal gunk form wouldn’t go amiss either.

Have you heard of Seed + Soul before? Which product would you like to try?

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  • What do you mix the mask with? Is it just water? Sounds so fun

    • Yeah just water, although I guess you could use oil if you wanted to!

  • Sounds like a beautiful brand and great to support those smaller NZ brands. The mask sounds amazing!

    • I’ve been loving it—can’t wait to see what else they come out with!

  • punkdinosaur

    I went to New Zealand earlier this year and was impressed with the amount of support for small businesses. Everyone was also super friendly!