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Postie beauty products - W7, BYS, Ulta3 bargains

Postie+, land of school uniforms, tiny-child-sized fluorescent hunting jackets, and incredibly affordable makeup! Wait, let’s call it what it is—cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap! If your beauty budget is small, your spending on beauty should be sized accordingly, but it’s hard when you have two MAC counters in your vicinity and a Mecca Maxima on its way. (I’m talking about myself, in case you couldn’t tell.)

The last time I went to a Postie+ store was in Paraparaumu where I got a super-cheap flannel shirt and a buttload of makeup wipes for $2 a pack, so it was super exciting when the Postie+ beauty section came to me in the form of a giant haul from their PR. Lots of the stuff here is neutral in tone, making it super functional and practical, eyeshadows in particular. I mean, the fact you can get a whole decent 12-shade eyeshadow palette for like fifteen dollars… who needs Urban Decay, anyway! (I uh… I don’t mean that.)

Postie beauty products - cheap eyeshadow and highlighter

I just moved house, which I may have already mentioned on the blog, but anyway I’m telling you again because I’ve sussed the lighting situation for flatlays (I mean just look at them) but the swatch-lighting is still a bit wanting. Just a warning.

W7 Colour in the buff eyeshadow palette swatches

W7 Colour Me Buff eyeshadow palette, $15 NZD

Can we just talk one more time about how this is fifteen dollars? It’s clearly designed as a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and given it’s $76 cheaper than the Naked 2 it could be only half as good and I’d still recommend it. As you can see from the swatches above, it’s perfectly decent even aside from the fact it’s competing with the Naked 2—creamy, rich shimmer shades and mattes that show up (!).

BYS highlighting trio swatches

BYS Highlighting Trio, $10 NZD

Goddamn the shimmery two in this trio are intense, in the best way possible. One golden-champagne-toned and one rose-gold-toned, the left two pans in the palette are bordering on metallic so if you like a trendy reflective highlighter, or even just want to try it, this trio is for you. The matte pan’s a waste of space, but even if we ignore it that puts the two good pans at $5 each and that’s still a bargain and a half.

W7 Eye Brow Bar swatches

W7 Eye Brow Bar, $12 NZD

This kit comes with four brow powders, some brow stencils and two brushes. The brushes I could take or leave and the stencils I would definitely leave, but the powders are fab—provided you have dark brown or ginger hair. They may look slightly shimmery in the swatches above, but let me assure you that’s just my inadequate between-swatch arm cleaning job. The creamy gold powder is shimmery, designed for an under-brow highlight, but the other three powders are matte. The light brown is very warm-toned, hence my suggestion it’d be good for ginger users, and the darker brown is cooler (so, obviously, is the black). In my brows I’d use a combo of the darker brown and black, IF I HADN’T JUST HAD MY EYEBROWS TATTOOED (more in a blog post coming soon!)

W7 The Nudes eyeshadow palette swatches

W7 The Nudes eyeshadow palette, $8 NZD

Well, they can’t all be winners. This is a big, fat, take-it-back-and-ask-for-a-refund loser of an eyeshadow palette. Can you even tell where one shadow ends and the next begins in the swatches above? Neither. Save your eight dollars and get a Chicken McNugget combo instead.

Postie beauty products - BYS, Ulta3 lipstick bargains

Lipstick time! Ulta3 and BYS lipsticks are $6–7 in the Postie+ beauty section and they’re a good way to try new shades or find a sheer everyday lipstick you don’t mind if you lose. Emphasis on sheer, as you’ll see in the swatches below, so you might be disappointed if you buy the red lipstick and discover it’s more of a pink, but otherwise they make good everyday choices.

Postie beauty products - BYS, Ulta3 lipstick swatches

Postie+ beauty does exactly what you’d expect, offering an affordable selection of functional beauty products. It’s lacking some finesse, sure, but that’s what a fifteen dollar eyeshadow palette or a five dollar lipstick will get you. It’ll particularly appeal to you if you’re a fan of a bargain or if you’re looking for beauty gifts for younger family members—or if, like me, you’re meant to be saving money and not blowing it all on the hottest new shit.

Oh, and a bonus—I’ve also spotted Essie nail polishes in the Postie+ beauty stands in the past for only eight dollars so it’s probably worth a trip to your local for that alone!

Have you shopped at Postie+ for beauty products? What do you think of bargain dupes of high-end or trendy makeup?

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