LIFE | Topshop (and Topshop Beauty) in Wellington

Topshop beauty products Wellington haul

Topshop‘s first Wellington store opened last month and I was pretty stoked to be invited to the opening event/media preview. The clothing range in Topshop is a little too trendy and cut-for-skinny-people for my tastes, and my attempt at trying on some Ivy Park confirmed that (seriously, why make workout gear that only caters to tiny people?) The Topshop Beauty makeup stand made up for that disappointment, however, and I bought some makeup and it’s all great and now I am going to show it to you.

Topshop Beauty swatches

Glow Highlighter in Polish*

Presumably that’s polish as in smooth and shiny rather than Polish as in the country. This is a gel-liner style glass pot of an emollient, sticky reflective cream. It looks very pearlescent and magical in the pot, but when you work it into the skin it becomes very natural. If natural highlighter isn’t your bag then Topshop seem to have an ever-growing range of excessive ones—every time I go in there, more of the beauty display is taken up by them.

Chameleon Glow eyeshadow in Wax & Wane

It took me a couple of trips to Topshop before I bought this one, because it’s $20 for the one shadow. Quite a shadow it is, though! It has a light reddish base and a very intense blue reflect, and then in between it somehow also has a yellow-green aspect? The depth of colour makes it great for wearing on its own—build it up on the centre of the lid and then blend out at the edges to lose the shine and retain the underlying warmth.

Lipstick in Naturist*

Topshop has a massive range of lipsticks in every trendy colour possible, as well as lots of sensible ones, and while I don’t care for their trendy clothes, I appreciate the trendy makeup and also its accessible price ($18 each!) The quality is great—very creamy with a satin formula, so you’ll be reapplying throughout the day, but they’re very comfortable to wear and I do think the colour range is unparalleled at this price point. I went for a very cool-toned “nude” although in these photos it looks quite mauve (it’s more grey-brown, like in this gif).

Topshop Chameleon Glow holographic duochrome

Will I be buying all my makeup from Topshop from now on? Absolutely not, but if I need (“need”) something that I don’t want to spend a ton of money on, they’ll definitely get a look in. Topshop Beauty has also shot to the top of the list of Brands I’d Recommend Buying If You’re Giving Makeup To A Teenager (not a real list, but if you’ll force me to make it, here goes: Topshop, NYX, The Balm, Rimmel).

Have you tried any of Topshop’s beauty products? Any hot products I’ve overlooked?

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  • I feel the same way about their clothes, there is nothing in there that fits me sadly. But I do like the beauty range. I have one of their nail polishes and want more.