FOTD | The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid FOTD

The three clashing shades of pink in this look made me reconsider posting it, but it’s good to share the things that don’t quite work out as well as your makeup victories, so here we are. I don’t quite know what I was going for, but ended up with a metallic pink eye based around MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, paired with a wonky-liplined Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid* in Goa Magnolia, and a heavy 80s application of blush. And, of course, now that I’ve kind of figured out how to put false lashes on myself, I’m doing it every time I wear makeup.

The Body Shop sent me a couple of their new Matte Lip Liquid lipsticks from the Christmas Party Makeup collection. Goa Magnolia is a bright fuchsia pink, and Nairobi Camellia is a lighter, coral pink.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

The texture of these liquid lipstick is quite dry and mousse-y. If you’ve used the Australis Velour Lips, it’s very similar to that.  I didn’t notice any difficulties with the comfort of them on my lips and I don’t remember if I ate with Magnolia on or not, so at the very least it wasn’t a memorable disaster.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid swatches Magnolia and Camellis

The Matte Lip Liquid retails for $19.95 NZD which is pretty decently cheap, especially for Body Shop makeup which often runs a little pricey. They’d make a good “stocking stuffer” Christmas gift, or, alternatively, are a cheap buy for yourself. Not as cheap as the NYX ones, which are currently around in those giant bulk kits (who needs twenty plus liquid lipsticks??????? don’t answer that OR remind me how many lipsticks I have) but pretty close.

As a side note, I don’t know if I like how Cranberry eyeshadow looks on me. I tried another pinky/purple-toned eye yesterday with the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette (Callum’s Mum brought it back from the States for me) but those tones on me just don’t get me excited! It’s weird because every basic makeup guide ever says that people with brown eyes should wear purple eye makeup. Hmm.

What’s your favourite liquid lipstick formula?

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  • Emma

    I’m a sucker for makeup with geographical names. I also think the shadow looks GREAT on you.

    • Aw thank you Emma! These have the added bonus of geographical names AND floral names!