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Chloe Morello is one of my favourite beauty YouTubers. I watch heaps of “beauty gurus” and my mind stores lots of information about them, but a lot I’m indifferent to—I just like having something on in the background. Chloe’s hilarious, though, and so while IDGAF about most YouTuber-guru collabs, I jumped on the Ciate x Chloe Morello Beauty Haul right away.

The eyeshadow palette (called Pretty, Fun and Fearless—gag) has six shimmer shades and nine matte shades. It’s very warm-toned overall. You can kind of break the matte shadows down into two quads, one of warm browns and one of plummy purples, with an extra matte cream shadow that goes with both.


They swatch very nicely, especially the shimmers. These swatches are done with a finger over foundation primer (because I didn’t have an eye primer handy).


Also in the “haul” you get a Ciate Liquid Velvet matte lipstick in Pin Up, a very on-trend muted mauve-rose shade that suits a lot of people. This is actually super comfortable to wear and has a great wear time. Now that Ciate is available in New Zealand from Mecca, I might look into some of the other shades.

You also get a Wonderwand mascara, which is just fine but largely unremarkable.

In this look I went for the classic purple/bronze pairing (remember) with Shine Bright on the inner part of my lid, and Flirt and Day Dream blended in the outer corner, with some of the warm browns in the crease.

To be honest, I struggled to get good payoff from the shimmery shades, despite how well they swatched on my arm. It was almost as though going over them with my brush in the pan was compacting them and smoothing them down instead of picking up pigment.

I don’t know if this palette/~haul~ is even still available. I got it from the US Ciate site and used NZ Post Youshop to ship it over to me. It looks like it’s sold out on the US Sephora site now and it isn’t available at Mecca Cosmetica in New Zealand so… sorry if you read this post and then wanted to buy it!

Do you watch Chloe Morello’s videos? How do you feel about brands collaborating with beauty influencers?

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  • Lisa

    Thanks for the great review – love how honest you are! Hope you are safe and not too shaken after last night’s earthquake and all of the aftershocks. Take care from a fellow Wellingtonian.

    • Thanks Lisa! You too – it seems like earthquake chaos has been replaced with flooding chaos now. Take care!