FOTD | I put false eyelashes on!


My face was too tender for makeup for a while after having my wisdom teeth out, but I got a chance to sit down this past weekend and really play with some makeup again.

I’ve never been good at putting eyelashes on myself, but after some tips from a friend who wears them literally everyday I managed to figure it out! They’re not perfect, but they’re not atrocious either, and I’m pretty proud.

Products used

In the first look, above, I used the lightest pink concealer from the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct palette on my lips. It’s so, so far from my comfort zone and what I’d usually wear, but I LOVE how it turned out.

The recommendation of the black KISS eyelash glue is what changed the game with lashes for me, I think. I didn’t master them right away (and I got quite a bit of black glue on my eyelid, hence the heavy eyeliner) but the fact that I got both lashes on my eyelids in a mostly-functional way was a good sign! Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to put on lashes and then leave the house.

I also tried the look with MAC Morange lipstick but my overdrawing kinda got away from me and I don’t love it as much.


Which lip colour do you prefer with this look? Do you have any false eyelash tips for me?

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  • Shinygirl


    Your falsies look amazing.

    What were your friend’s tips that helped you? Because I’m a massive steaming pile of fail whenever I attempt to apply them. Uh… or would you do a house-call to my place and sort me out before my bestie’s birthday party tomorrow? I could pay you in Halloween candy? 😉

    • Haha her advice was literally just to use that glue!

      Putting lashes on other people is easier than doing it to yourself – maybe you and your mate can do each others??

  • YOUR FACE LOOKS INCRED u babin thing xoxo

  • Salomi

    OMG! You look stunning per usual, but, the lashes bump up the look to “va va voom” status! So pumped to see you conquer the false eyelashes. It gives me hope for myself 😛 I love pink lips with the look because I am a wimp at wearing a strong eye and lip makeup together. If you don’t like the Morange in all its glory, try dabbing it on – a la Lisa Eldridge. I tend to wear most of my bold lipsticks like that when I am in a rush.

    I am catching up on all your posts this week! Don’t stop writing ever!

    P.S – Thank you for the goodies. I received them late last week and have been trying on some stuff…yaayyy for new makeup!

    • Aww thank you! Yes patting on the Morange is a good idea.. I could do a Korean style stained lip look with it!

      Yay so pleased everything arrived safely!

  • Alys Persson

    I’m a wreck and lashes too. Ugh. I only ever use them for Halloween, so I just suffer the night with them bunched and weird hahaah. I’m dressing as Aladdin Sane tomorrow and fortunately that look is pretty easy on the eye lashes. Coating myself in highlighter though, because I’m sure David Bowie would have if it had existed back then!

    • Such an awesome costume idea!

  • punkdinosaur

    Not gonna lie, you remind me of Lorde.

  • Lashes are so hard! I did get some Social Eyes Lashes and the glue comes in a little brush format which is so much easier to apply.

    • Oh that’s a good idea! Do you like the Social Eyes lashes?

      • I do! I’m a pretty much novice but I found them quite easy to apply. I have a normal pair and some half lashes which are good too

        • Awesome, that’s good to hear! I’ve been enjoying the xoBeauty lashes I’ve got at the moment.