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I don’t do ‘new in’ posts very often. I think they’re a bit boring, frankly, and don’t give me much opportunity to say anything other than ‘this is a new thing a brand sent me that you can spend money on’.

I also don’t write about body care very often, largely because I don’t use it. The hairs on my legs are about 2cm long and my legs haven’t seen moisturiser in probably a year, at least. I’m lazy. I hate taking baths (and I’ve talked about this enough that Lush took me off their PR list).

When it comes to The Body Shop*, however, it’s a little bit different. I love The Body Shop. We go way back—to the time I was four or five and accidentally stole a gift tag from the counter because I thought it was free, and Mum discovered it after we’d left the shop and made me take it back. It’s not all bad memories, though. The Body Shop used to be full of tiny squishy dissolving bath beads in every scent (before I decided I hated baths) and I’d get to pick a little paper bag of them on special occasions. It’s also the perfect destination for difficult Christmas gifts, because the products are genuinely nice, they’re ethically-minded and strike a good balance of affordability and luxury.

It’s a little alarming to be talking about Christmas in October, but it’s coming, so I really have no choice.

Every year The Body Shop do a nice range of Christmas scents. Last year there was a plummy one, and Frosted Apple—Frosted Apple is clear in my mind because I have a tub of the body butter in my drawer at work still and it smells very lovely indeed.

This year there’s Frosted Berries (mixing it up!), Spiced Apple and Vanilla Chai. They all smell exactly as you’d expect them to, and they all smell great.


Who can resist a personalised gift? This year you can buy body butters with customised labels for your giftee and look, I know it’s just a label with your name on it whacked on a commercial product, but I fell for it with the Coke thing (did you know that Coke thing boosted their sales by some stupid amount? people are suckers) and I’ve fallen for it here too. It’s cute for extended family, it’s cute for Secret Santa, and it stops them from re-gifting, unless they’re bold af!

The Body Shop are actively against animal testing (although saying that implies that there are any brands left in the world who are actively for animal testing, which is fucking stupid) and some proceeds from their Christmas collections go towards restoring the rainforest in South-East Asia. It wasn’t clear on exact percentages when I skimmed through the brochure but I think buying people gifts that are also explicitly doing something good for the world/the environment is a good idea. Because, you know, you can give a goat (please research any charity before you support this and don’t take this as an endorsement of World Vision, they were just the first Google result), but people like receiving a tangible thing for themselves too.

If I could afford it, my shower would be exclusively stocked in The Body Shop Shower Gels, so they’ll always be my number one recommendation for gifting. If you don’t like heavy Christmas scents, there are always other good ones available—there’s a Piñita Colada range at the moment that’s lots of fun.

What’s your favourite The Body Shop scent? Any other ideas for tricky giftees?

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  • squeezlesqueezer

    “and I’ve talked about this enough that Lush took me off their PR list”

    I’m crying. Too funny.

    • I got sad about it until I remembered I have literally no use for their products anyway – I don’t even have a bath in my house!

  • Omg I love the sound of that chai scent. My then boyfriend gave me a bodyshop gift set last Christmas and I’m still yet to open the body butter (oops) but I used the entire body wash. it was mango and smelled delicious!

    • Love the mango scent! I had one of those but went through the body wash super quickly… that’s always the problem with good-smelling stuff!

  • Salomi

    Oooo! The Spiced apple would be awesome for the winters next year. I am holding back from participating in Christmas shopping extravaganza due to my resolve to be minimalist, but this make a nice gift for a couple of lovely friends I have.