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My hair is usually about 30% dry shampoo, and until recently in New Zealand the dry shampoo availability has been limited to Batiste and some random K-Mart brand. I’ve been dying to get my hands on COLAB dry shampoo forever—in part because it’s Ruth Crilly‘s brand, and in part because it’s meant to be great.

I begged Lena to bring me back a can from Australia, and I’d barely had time to use it before I got possibly the most exciting PR email I’ve had for a while: that COLAB dry shampoo is coming to New Zealand! We’re getting the Sheer and Invisible formula, as well as the Extreme Volume one, in the London, New York and Monaco fragrances. I haven’t spotted it in stores yet, but it’s meant to be in select pharmacies and department stores (for $18ish?)

Let’s roll back a step here, though.

What is dry shampoo?

It’s a can of aerosolised starch basically; you spray it into the roots of your hair when you can’t be bothered washing it but want to get rid of greasiness. I’ve been using dry shampoo for a while, but paused to think about it for a moment recently and it really does seem like an ~as seen on tv~ type product. I’m picturing a scene of a woman trying to wash her hair in the bathroom sink, shampoo running down her forehead into her eyes, and then she bashes her skull on the tap when she goes to stand back up. Voiceover: Is washing your hair getting you down?

I use dry shampoo in two ways: to de-grease my hair if I don’t have time to wash it, and as a styling aid if my hair is too clean. I expect a dry shampoo to a) absorb grease, b) add volume, and c) not show up in my hair. I’ve come to learn from using Batiste dry shampoo that even if you do see a little grey cast in your roots after spraying it in your hair, you can muss it through and it will vanish—there’s no need to bother with tinted ones.

COLAB Extreme Volume

Extreme Volume wasn’t the OG COLAB dry shampoo, but I like it better than the Sheer + Invisible so I’m putting it first. This is a heavy duty dry shampoo—a little goes a long way. If you go hard on it, your hair will be melded in a sticky cloud that’s hard to run your fingers through. A few quick sprays, though, and it adds major volume to your roots, and I mean it. Like, you get a visible difference.

COLAB Sheer and Invisible

Sheer + Invisible, on the other hand, is, as the name suggests, invisible. You don’t see any coloured cast on your hair (a good thing) but it also doesn’t affect the shape or volume of your hair at all. I’ve come to expect a little volume boost from my dry shampoo, so I think this is why I like the Extreme Volume better. Sheer + Invisible does dull down greasiness and mattifies your hair, though, so if you’re more of a low key dry-shampooer, this formula is for you.

Do you use dry shampoo? Will you be giving COLAB a go?

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  • Annabella Gamboni

    yas! i’ve been using dry shampoo for years and it is probs one of my desert island beauty things if i cared about having clean hair while on an island. how do these smell morgan? cause i’m v over all of the batiste flavours

    • Sooo good! The blue one is prob my least favourite? But the others are gr8 and def better than batiste (although the batiste tropical one is not bad)

  • Dry shampoo is my life haha. I have the sheer and invisible one, and like it a lot. I already have a lot of volume in my hair so I don’t need any more!

    • That’s true – you’re lucky in that sense!

  • Salomi

    The only dry shampoo which works on my fine hair (other than Batiste) is the Pantene dry shampoo (black and white bottle with purple lettering). It was the only dry shampoo that didn’t weigh my hair down and didn’t leave my roots feeling gunky! So frustrating that despite being a “drugstore brand” I can’t find it here in NZ 🙁

  • Lisa

    Very keen to try the Extreme Volume dry shampoo! Has anyone found someone to buy it in Wellington? Does Farmers sell it?

    • I haven’t seen it in Farmers! I’ll see if I can find out exactly where it is stocked.

  • StingrayGirl

    I’m from the UK where theres a plethora of options dry-shampoo-wise and now living in NZ is a trial! My favourite was from the brand Aussie – somehow didn’t have the cornflour feel and was more like spraying hairspray but worked so much better! Need this in NZ!

    • Have you found Co-Lab locally? There are also more expensive options starting to come out here like Bumble and Bumble, Oribe etc but it’s hard to spend that much on dry shampoo!

      • StingrayGirl

        I found it in a pharmacy, I messaged the NZ colab facebook page and they directed me to it! It’s still massively more expensive than what you’d pay in the UK for it, I think it was $17 a can? but not as expensive as Oribe etc!

  • Sophie N.

    I just moved to Auckland and am desperately trying to find where I can by Colab dry shampoo! I looked in several pharmacies, but couldn’t find any that carried this brand 🙁 I actually stumbled upon your blog while looking for it online 😉
    Do you know where I can buy them?

    • Hi Sophie! I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’ll see if I can find out for you!

    • Hi again! Here’s the list of Auckland stockists. I hope one is near you!

      North Shore:
      Hairquip (65B Barry’s Point Rd)
      Shampoo N Things Shore City
      Rodney Wayne Brown’s Bay
      Fred Thomas Health Pharmacy (Fred Thomas Dr)
      Unichem Birkenhead
      Life Pharmacy Orewa
      Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy
      North Shore Hospital Pharmacy
      Devonport Pharmacy (Victoria Rd)
      Sunnybrae Pharmacy

      Auckland Central:
      Unichem Mission Bay Pharmacy
      Unichem Eden Quarter Pharmacy
      Pharmacy on Dominion
      Auckland Hospital Pharmacy
      Scarlett Hairdressers

      Auckland City:
      Unichem Ponsonby Chris Darvel
      Remuera Pharmacy Culpan
      Greenlane Clinical Centre Pharmacy
      Westmere Pharmacy
      Unichem Campus Pharmacy
      London Salon Ulu & Fang

      Eastern Suburbs:
      Unichem Eastridge Life

      West Auckland:
      Shampoo N Things St Lukes
      Rodney Wayne Lynn Mall
      Richmond Rd Pharmacy
      Hobsonville Pharmacy
      Unichem Royal Heights Pharmacy

      South Auckland:
      Unichem Tuakau Chemist
      Life Pharmacy Papakura
      Unichem Walls & Roche Pharmacy

      • Sophie N.

        Thank you so so much Morgan!!

        • You’re welcome gal – happy to help!