LIFE | Goodbye wisdom teeth & let’s talk about depression


I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. All four of the fuckers, all impacted. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to go to hospital for anything, and the first time I had general anaesthetic. To say I was nervous is an understatement of stupid proportions. It went fine, of course, because modern medicine is incredible (seriously, anaesthetic is fascinating! They can literally turn your body off for half an hour and then you wake up FINE how does it work)

This is obviously not a beauty post, but I just wanted to kind of broadcast that I am recovering from surgery and I might be a bit slow with the content because of that (I was hoping my recovery time off work would give me time to write things but I’m still a bit woozy, on a bunch of painkillers and permanently grumpy because I can’t eat solid food).

On a beauty note, have a read of my personal essay about my depression that finally got published on xoVain (they’ve cut the freelance schedule so I have no idea when things I’ve submitted will go up). It took a lot for me to write and it was really important for me to write, for myself. It also seems to have resonated with a lot of people which I’m really happy about. And to be honest, it’s great to see the comments so active on xoVain in a positive way! I mean, not that talking about depression spending is particularly positive, but in a positive-community-building way.

Please tell me your favourite soft foods I can eat because I am sick of yoghurt and I don’t know if I can have a family tub of KFC potato and gravy three nights in a row…?

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  • Alys Persson

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I had my wisdom teeth out about 6 years ago, only 2 of them, and it really was tough. And then after a few days starts the dragon breath… OMG! Because you can’t brush back there and it’s all clotted and rotting. Omg. That’s gross I know, but salt water gargles might help.
    And I think it’s great you’re posting about depression, we as humans seem to always feel a little better when we know we’re not alone. I’m sorry you’re struggling, I don’t have chronic depression but I do have a pretty intense anxiety disorder which at times makes me feel out of control of my own brain. And I get some nasty PMS depression. The way I feel during those 3ish days…. if that is only a fraction of chronic depression…. I can’t even imagine. Take care!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! I’ve started to find anxiety peppered in amongst my depression and it’s a strange new beast. I’m a big proponent of people finding the medication that’s right for them though and I think it’s important to talk about that. I know it’s not the only solution but it has been a lifesaver for me!

  • Salomi

    I am definitely guilty of being one of your ‘lurking-under-the-radar’ readers. After reading the results of your reader survey, I realised how much people like myself (the readers) take content creators (blogger/vlogger(s)) for granted. (Probably, because I am shy/reticent person online) So I, for one, am going to strive to be consistent in commenting on your posts! I hope that is helpful because I don’t want you ever feel like you’re writing in vain.

    I don’t know if you still need any help with the food situation, but lentil/vegetable soups might help? If you need any simple recipes I shall be happy to email some 🙂 Hope you are much better!

    • Thanks Salomi, I really appreciate it! I’ve managed to move onto softer solids now, like bread, and it’s such a relief!
      Also I just shipped your parcel out – i’ll email you with the tracking number.

  • Feel better soon, Morgan <3 Hope you doing OK over there in Wellytown. Last time I had oral surgery I ate a bunch of soup and complan and mashed potato. Can you eat fish fingers orrr soft cake or chia seed pudding orr cottage cheese and pineapple (is that gross? idk). Porridge! Watties' spaghetti. Hope these aren't too late! xx

    • Thanks friend! I don’t like cottage cheese but have been eating a lot of fancy yoghurt and custard and soup and squishy cheese (not all together)

  • RaindropsOnRoses

    Hi Morgan! I just found your blog via xoVain. I just wanted to say that I always love your articles on xoVain and now I love your blog! I am struggling through a dark time right now, and your blog and voice and beauty products lift my spirits. Thank you <3

    • Hey thank you! I’m sorry you’re not doing too well 🙁 You can send me an email if you want to talk! xx