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I first heard of Simple skincare when I was living in the UK with my parents in 2009, about to move to Canada on my own (well, to live with my then-boyfriend, but the travel was on my own and I ended up on my own so… let’s emphasise the independence aspect over the teenage-relationships-you-think-are-real-serious-but-probably-should-have-ended-already aspect). Mum and I popped down to the tiny local chemist to find some travel-sized skincare and found a wee kit of Simple products—labelled the UK’s best-selling skincare, “kind to skin”, and unfragranced.

Since then I can’t say I’ve been loyal to Simple skincare, because that would be an absolute lie, but it has always been a brand I recommend for people looking for supermarket-priced skincare. Callum has been a regular user of the Simple light moisturiser (one of the reasons is because he inevitably leaves it on the windowsill and at least three bottles have been lost to the great outdoors, and it’s cheap to replace).

This is starting to sound like a sponsored post for Simple but really, I just rarely write about single brands, at a cheap price point, that I rate highly (perhaps because they’re few and far between). They sent me some of their new products, but I also continue to buy them myself!

Kind to Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes*

How different can wipes be? Heaps different, actually (I’m trying to write a whole blog post about wipes but their horrible plastic-y packaging makes them hard to photograph nicely). Simple wipes are large, robust, with a soft but patterned texture and, most importantly, they’re adequately damp and don’t dry out.
They’re also unfragranced, which I didn’t think I cared about, until I bought a super-cheap three pack of wipes from Postie and discovered they are the most awfully perfumed things and I don’t even want to use them.

Kind to Skin Soothing Anti-Perspirant

I’ve just repurchased this for the second time, which is saying something because I’m not really loyal to any anti-perspirant/deodorant. It’s about five dollars and unscented—and actually unscented, no fake clean smell here. I don’t really know what to say, except that it works and I like it.

Kind to Skin Dual Effect Makeup Remover*

I was super grateful that I had this on hand after opening a packet of those aforementioned shitty Postie face wipes while working on a film (lollll it was 48hours so not a real film but still real makeup on a real person). The person whose makeup needed removing had very sensitive skin, and no way was I putting one of those crap wipes near her skin. This makeup remover is super quick and effective AND it doesn’t have needless blue dye in it. Highly recommended.

Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil*

Eh, I’m on the fence about cleansing oils, but this is massively satisfying to use when removing a full face of heavy makeup. It’s grapeseed oil-based, so not too bad for oily skin, and while some cleansing oils are stupidly expensive for something that gets rinsed off (like the Nude one, which I think was my introduction to cleansing oils) the Simple skincare one is decently priced. I’ll always follow a cleansing oil with a normal cleanser so I may not be getting the full effects, but if you like ’em, try this one.

Have you tried any Simple skincare? What’s your favourite in their range?

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  • I am such a Simple fan. I continually repurchase the face wipes, and whenever I use another brand I am disappointed. I have a few I’ve been sent and I use to wipe off swatches because they are not face-worthy. I also use a foaming cleanser I like, and have used their moisturisers too

    • I don’t think I’ve tried their cleansers since I first found the brand. I might have to check them out!

  • Sophie Vreeburg

    Love this post! It just screams GENUINE 🙂

    Sophie x

  • Definitely my top rated wipes!