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W7 Mini Power Puffs

This week in beauty tools no one needs, for goodness’ sake, it’s the W7 Mini Power Puffs (cheap copies of the Beauty Blender Micro Minis). They’re teeny-tiny makeup sponges, and although I don’t own the Beauty Blender ones to compare them with (I REFUSE to spend that much money on tiny sponges) I’ll tell you what these ones are like.

I know I’ve been writing lots of negative reviews and shit lately but today I am incredibly hungover and grumpy so it seemed apt to publish this one anyway.

I bought the two W7 Mini Power Puffs at a ~big bucket sale~ and I think they were around six dollars, far less of a tax on my wallet than the “real things”. Inasmuch as one sponge can be more real than another. Most products at the bucket sales have questionable origins but W7 is a cheap brand that just makes knockoffs of trendy things anyway so I don’t care. You can also get W7 products at Postie in New Zealand (still want to call it Postie Plus).
W7 Mini Power Puffs wet vs dry

Dry sponge on the left, wet sponge on the right in the photo above—so you can see it grows a lot when wet. I should have put something in this photo for scale. Anyway, I’ve found that shit sponges don’t grow when they’re wet, so it’s good that these do.

W7 Mini Power Puffs vs Beauty Blender

I’ve photographed the little W7 sponges next to my regular-sized (dry) Beauty Blenders so you can see the size difference. I’ve heard people say that the smaller sponges are ~amazing~ for concealer because they allow you to get into little corners better than a big sponge, but I swear to god unless your face is abnormally small and has tiny nooks and crannies, a big sponge will do just fine. They squish up when you hold them, for fuck’s sake. By the time you’re holding a small sponge and it’s squished up, you might as well just be using your finger, because you’re getting more face-finger contact than face-sponge contact anyway.

Well, it looks like I’ve just written yet another “why does this thing even exist” review (maybe that’s what I should start titling them). I used these sponges a couple of times because they were novel, but haven’t picked them up since. If you really think you need miniature versions of your makeup sponge, the W7 ones are just fine—if you’d told me these were manufactured by the official Beauty Blender company I’d believe you. But you don’t need them. No one needs them unless you’re making a half-scale diorama of a beauty scene, in which case please show me it immediately.

Were you suckered into buying miniature sponges that do the same thing as the sponges you already have? Or do you like them? Tell me if you do!

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  • Okay, I really want a half-scale beauty scene diorama now. This needs to happen.

  • Unpaletteable

    Oh man I am really enjoying catching up with your blog x

    • Thanks lovely! I have grand plans to write lots in the near future 🙂