TOOLS | Shaving your face—a big waste of time?

shaving your face for makeup

Every girl with a YouTube channel is shaving her face at the moment so in the interests of giving myself yet another area of body hair to feel insecure over, I decided to give it a go. I found some cheap, endearingly-named Tinkle razors on eBay and bought them for the low price of $1.57 NZD (free shipping, of course). Is shaving your face useful for makeup application? LET’S FIND OUT.

I’m not going to write a review of the razors because they’re fine but unremarkable and for less than two dollars you can’t be mad if they’re shit (I guess I just wrote a one-sentence review, huh). I’m more interested in reviewing the concept.

Sure, I get my brows done regularly and have experimented with all the ways to remove the hair on my upper lip, but (and I think I’m in the majority here) I’ve never given a thought to the fine, fuzzy hair on my cheeks. It doesn’t figure in my thinking because it is essentially invisible and has no impact on… anything.

Everyone has hair on their face, to varying degrees. As a makeup artist working on a busy central-city counter, I saw a lot of faces—normal, everyday faces of (largely women) who cared about their appearance and wore makeup regularly. I worked close up with a lot of faces, and from six months of work there was only one instance where a girl’s facial hair impacted on the way makeup sat on her skin.

So with that in mind, here is the right-hand side of my face, in its natural, hair-having state:

shaving your face for makeup - unshaven side

And the left-hand side, which is better focused (sorry), and freshly shaved with a Tinkle razor:

i'm testing shaving your face before makeup

And finally, the moustache, no prizes for guessing which side is which:

shaving your face and moustache for makeup

Did the razor work? Yes. Did it get every hair? No. Did it irritate my skin? A little—I put some Yu-Be cream, a balmy moisturiser, on the shaved areas before putting on makeup, though, and it soothed it right down. Then, like I said, I put on lots of makeup to see if shaving your face changes how makeup applies or feels on the skin.

The made up, unshaven side:


And the bald, shaven side:


Ok so I can’t lie, there is literally no discernable difference in appearance. There was no difference in feel when I put the makeup on, and a couple of hours later, there’s no difference in wear except for the fact that the shaved side is still sensitive to the touch.

SHAVING YOUR FACE BEFORE MAKEUP APPLICATION MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE. I don’t know why I’m yelling. I just… it’s not a thing. It doesn’t need to be a thing. Don’t give yourself something else to fret about, another area of hair to constantly maintain on your already fraught list of regions of body hair. I have dark hair, too, so I’m not some wispy blonde fairy wondering why anyone ever wants to remove any of their body hair.

shaving your face for makeup before and after

My finished face, by the way, used the following products:

What do you think about shaving your face? Have you tried it? Would you?

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  • Shinygirl

    This was totally refreshing to read. As I get older the Mediterranean genes are gaining superpowers (thanks Dad) and I’m becoming more whiskered and tempted to shave-face. Thanks again Morgan xx

  • This is why u the best. We need more bloggers like you in the world <3

    • <3 I am really into blogging lately so I have lots of things planned to write!

  • I keep considering it. I think cos my face is dry you can really see how the hairs are lying on my face unless I have a super dewy foundation on. Then I realised I’m far too lazy.

  • Imogen

    Your makeup here is gorgeous! I don’t shave my face, nor will I. As always, thanks for keeping it real.

  • shalely

    I never hade the Idea of shaving my face. Very good Post.