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morphe single shadows from beauty bliss

Morphe, Morphe, Morphe. I’ve always been skeptical of Morphe: it’s clearly a private-label brand that relies heavily on affiliate deals with YouTubers to make sales. I don’t even want to think about how much money NikkieTutorials is making from shilling their ~amazing~ brushes and ~gorgeous~ palettes that’s she’s just ~obsessed~ with. Now, I don’t need an eyeshadow palette that has 35 pans in different shades of warm brown, but I was curious to see what Morphe single shadows (or should I say Coastal Scents shadows?) were actually like, so I chose three pans for my recent Beauty Bliss order. The colours are Birthday Suit, Aphrodite, and Rosewood.

morphe single shadows pans birthday suit, rosewood and aphrodite

Morphe products are often sold out, and the selection on Beauty Bliss reflects this. Because I didn’t have any particular need for new eyeshadows, I just chose three random shades that were still available. I tried to get a cross-section of colours.

Morphe Birthday Suit, NZ$6 looked like a warm sandy brown in the sample photo, but I’d say it’s more of a taupe-concrete colour. It resembles a slightly warmer MAC Omega.

Morphe Aphrodite, NZ$6 is described as ‘very purple’, and it looks like a violet-lilac colour in the pan.

Morphe Rosewood, NZ$6 is described as a ‘vibrant cranberry purple’, and while it looks that way in the pan, it doesn’t quite translate on the skin.

All three are matte, which makes for a good test of Morphe’s quality, considering matte shadows are often quite hard to get right.

morphe single shadows swatches birthday suit, aphrodite and rosewoodLeft to right: Morphe single shadows in Birthday Suit, Aphrodite and Rosewood.

I swatched each shade with two finger swipes. You can see that while Birthday Suit swatched quite satisfactorily, Aphrodite and Rosewood have very weak pigmentation. The shadows are dusty, chalky and patchy.

I may have just been very unlucky and chosen two particularly bad Morphe shadows (and one decent one) but I wish they were better—essentially I spent $6 on another beige eyeshadow and $12 on curiosity and disappointment. Imagine how gorgeous the purples would be if they were rich and pigmented! Next time I want colourful eyeshadows I’ll buy Sugarpill.

Have you tried anything from Morphe? What are your thoughts on the brand?

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  • I’ve steered clear of them so far. I watched a video by Stephanie Nicole about how they’re a private label brand. I kind of avoid brands hyped up on YT and Instagram with big affiliate programs because I have a theory they’re all just rubbish quality

    • Yeah fair enough, I was curious enough to try them but it confirmed everything I expected.

  • Arrabella Bolter

    I actually removed Nikkie from snapchat because I can’t stand it being a constant ad. My Morphe brushes are pretty good for the price, I haven’t bought any shadows because who needs 35 shades of meh? It blew my mind how everyone in course bought the 35O when you could just buy Coppering and soft brown?!

    • Ahh I can just imagine what it would have been like if Morphe was big when I was there! It’s pretty stupid to tote that whole big palette around as freelancer when you can really only do one type of look with it.