Depression Hauls: MAC and

It’s time for a new series here on Hyacinth Girl: The Depression Hauls. It’s exactly what it sounds like—my depression has been hella dark lately and I’ve been binge shopping as a result.

Buying these things, and having these things, hasn’t made me any happier—it couldn’t, because depression is a much bigger thing than that. It can make me feel worse, long term, when I think about how much money I’ve spent and on things I will barely touch. I feel indifferent when parcels arrive. Obsessively comparing sites and prices does keep my mind briefly occupied and on something outside of my own head, and I’m aware that I’m lucky to have money to spare for situations like this.

I don’t need any of the things that I bought. But I bought them, and this is a beauty blog, so I might as well show you what they are.

So in the first installment I’ve got a bunch of stuff from the MAC website and from Both sites has discount codes at the time of purchase which means MAC must have finally moved away from the “absolutely no sales ever” model.

MAC eyeshadow singles, $6 USD each

MAC single eyeshadow pans in Cranberry, Blackberry, Plumage and Club

MAC eyeshadow pans are stupidly cheap now that the price has gone down to $6 USD apiece, so while I didn’t need any more of them, there were a few colours I’ve wanted to try for a while that I decided to get. I picked out Cranberry, Blackberry, Plumage and Club.

MAC single eyeshadow pans in Club, Plumage, Blackberry and CranberryL-R Club, Plumage, Blackberry, Cranberry.

I already own quite a few eyeshadows in colours similar to Cranberry and Blackberry, but they’re very popular and unfortunately that swayed my decision-making. Cranberry has incredible pigmentation, as MAC’s frost eyeshadows generally do, but Blackberry (matte) falls a little flat. It’s functional, nothing special, but I’m keen to try a purple-y eye with it nonetheless.

Plumage has very disappointing pigmentation but it’s such a fabulous colour that I don’t care in the slightest. Other brands probably make much better deep teals (leave me a comment if you know of anything in particular). It’s been a really fun colour to get out of my comfort zone with. I’ll post a look with it soon!

I think I bought Club out of curiosity to see how it compares to Makeup Geek pigment in Insomnia, and although I haven’t put them side-by-side, I suspect I’ll be disappointed with Club’s performance. It’s more muddle-puddle-with-grey-sky-reflected-in-it than stunning-duochrome-eyeshadow.

MAC eyeshadow swatches of Plumage, Club, Blackberry and CranberryL-R Plumage, Club, Blackberry, Cranberry.

MAC Halsey lipstick, $17 USD

MAC Halsey lipstick tube and box

This was the primary motivation for making an order from the MAC website because Halsey’s amazing slate blue lipstick wasn’t released on counter in New Zealand. It’s a matte formula, which is my favourite from MAC alongside the amplified formula. It is great because it is BLUE GREY and opaque and gorgeous and I have genuinely worn it in public and will do it again.

MAC Halsey lipstick swatchLOOK AT IT.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara, $40 NZD

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara tube and box

So this was obviously from, not MAC. It’s my first Marc Jacobs product and I was swayed by a) the hype, and b) the packaging. The tube is hexagonal and with the curved corners it’s more than a little art deco.

It was $40 NZD which I guess is quite a lot but not significantly more than Farmers brand mascaras? I haven’t cracked it open yet because I have a stupid amount of mascaras waiting to be used.

O&M Fine Intellect and Original Detox shampoos, $13 NZD each

O&M Fine Intellect and Original Detox miniature shampoos

There are a bunch of Original&Mineral hair product miniatures on which is great because O&M is an awesome brand but can be a little prohibitively priced if you’ve never tried it before. Matt (my hairstylist) used Fine Intellect in my hair last time I got my hair cut, and I chose Original Detox to try too because I like a good clarifying shampoo every now and again. The packaging is super cute and portable so great for travelling!

Not pictured properly because it’s boring, I bought an Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite to see if I’d like it more than Medium Brown, which is what I usually use. Again, don’t need it yet because I have plenty of brow products on the go, so I haven’t used it.

I don’t really know what kind of ~question~ to end this post on. “Have you tried any of these products?” or maybe “Do you have depression too?” or perhaps “What useful bills could I have paid with the money I spent on more makeup?

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  • I like playing solitaire card games online to help distract me from my own raincloud and give something to focus on. I particularly like playing the ones on Neopets (refusing to be embarrassed by that admission) because I get pretend money for playing and can put it in the pretend bank and feel satisfied with my pretend wealth. If only I were as good with my real money! Anyway, it might help you too ☺

    • Good advice! I neglected to mention in this post that when I’m down I also play a LOT of Hearthstone which is a card game set in the World of Warcraft universe… lol

  • I really love the colour of the Halsey lipstick, so now, I’m looking at mac cause I want to buy it too.
    When I’m depressed, I tend to a) buy a lot of things I don’t need – which cheers me up for about a second, or b) play games on my phone, which distracts me so I’m not alone with my thoughts.
    Hope the clouds clear for you soon, until then, be kind to yourself xx

  • Thanks Imogen! I think that’s why I’ve never bought the L’Oreal Telescopic, even though everyone loves it. I’m looking forward to cracking the Marc Jacobs one open!

  • I depression shop often, and eat, neither of which are great. I am very interested in that mascara. The only mascara I have at the moment is a mini Urban Decay one that I’m rationing, I need to buy a new one but I’m so spoiled with PR samples I keep hoping one will just arrive.

  • Shinygirl

    Ugh, I’m totally having the S.A.Ds – every. damn. year.
    And every damn year I feel like I’m the only person in Wellington who gets depressed. Thank God for your blog and how open and inspiring you are. You’re freaking AWESOME! And I love the idea of looking at these kind of blow outs as ‘depression hauls’ (I’m stealing that btw).
    This post has given me the inspiration I needed to brush my hair for the first time in a week – and slap on a really fierce red lipstick… and I think I’ll be hitting Farmers for a new lipstick as dark as my mood right now… or maybe order the one you’ve profiled on here.
    You’re awesome, I said that right? Kia kaha xoxo

    • Thanks lovely! I’ve really appreciated how supportive my readers and the Twitter community have been. My hair is more dry shampoo than hair today so I feel you there!
      The Halsey lipstick is a real treat and pretty affordable from the US site, just saying…