WIN | Pinky Fang Kitty Gang beanie giveaway


It’s pissing down and freezing right now and I may or may not be wearing a beanie inside. My Kitty Gang beanie has been getting a lot of mileage and I remembered that I actually had another brand new one sitting aside from possibly last winter??? when I had talked to Pinky about a giveaway. Forget that it’s a year overdue, now’s your chance to have one of your own! 

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So this app thing will do all the hard work for me (running competitions is a stressful business) but basically you can enter from anywhere in the world. In a week the winner will be picked randomly and I’ll get in touch with them to send out a black diamond patch Kitty Gang beanie. It’s a diamond one and not an inverted cross one in case an inverted cross offends you, but tbh if an inverted cross offends you, you’re probably not reading my blog.

Pinky Fang Kitty Gang beanie giveaway

kitty-gang-beanie(The beanie will look like the ones in Pinky’s instagram post and not like the one I’m wearing in this post because mine is one of the OGs that was hand-embroidered, just as a disclaimer.)

On the off-chance you care about my makeup in these photos (this is a beauty blog after all), I’m wearing all Makeup Geek eyeshadows, mostly Preppy and Dirty Martini, with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude and The Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss over it.

Good luck, and leave me a comment if you’ve got any questions!

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  • yaaaaaaas ???? i am v excite about this. also damn, not only is your makeup ???????????? but also your backdrops are also notably cool lately x

    • Aww thanks friend! I get sick of my backdrops after a couple of uses so I am always looking for more things to use!

  • Lexi Guardado

    So sad I missed out! Was this international??

    • It was! So sorry! But I think Pinky ships worldwide!