FOTD | Gothy vibes


After having less than absolute success with the MAC Times Nine palette the other night I really needed to do some makeup that was more me. I don’t tend to go out with my makeup looking like this very often, but that’s more because I don’t tend to go out with makeup on very often, because I’m lazy and like sleeping in and therefore don’t have time at least five mornings of the week (and in the weekend idgaf either).

I did this look directly over the top of the pastel eyeshadow using another new MAC product—the Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick*. This is, obviously, the black one, which is called Cinder Black.

I feel like you can see it in my face that I like this look more than the last one? Read on for the rest of the products used and all that business.

For my face I pulled out the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage pot which I’ve had forever, to even out skin tone (although looking back at these photos my skin doesn’t look incredible and actually looks dry??) On my lips is the awesome, awesome Limnit Lipsticks Deepest Taupes and Dreams* which is an incredible espresso colour. These are only five dollars (US) in the little pots too, and considering they’re not so ~everyday~ shades, each pot lasts a good long time. You just have to put them on with a brush, but frankly even if this was in a tube I’d probably put it on with a brush.


Now about these Colour Sticks: they are quite stiff and firm, and very waterproof. They dry down quickly and they stay. I’ve also got a nude shade, which I think is called Sand Bar (I’m in a cafe writing this so forgive me) which I thought would be good for the waterline, but unfortunately they’re a little too firm to go into the waterline without pulling. Regardless, if you blend them quickly, they make for a very solid and un-shifting base.

I blended these out with a clean fluffy brush, and then blended along the edges with bronzer after adding a bit more to my face, too. Wearing dark shades on the eyes and lips can wash the skin out, and while that might be what you’re looking for when you’re going for goth vibes, I think a bit of bronze warmth is always welcome.


I put all this on only to take it off again ten minutes later and go to bed, which I feel is a statement that represents my entire life.

OK bye!

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  • Shinygirl

    Phew, that eyebrow tho! And the shadow looks like airbrushing, it’s amazing. Did you use a touch of highlighter in your inner eye? Hoping to recreate it, maybe with a purple lip. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yeah there’s a neutral-pinky highlight shade on the inner corner which was just residual from the pastel look because I put this right over the top! I’m pleased with how the black blended out actually, given how fast those sticks dry down. You could use any black cream shadow!

  • Kershia_KKouture

    Looking very vampish and fierce! Love this look on you, you pull it off like nothing else. That blush and lips tie it all together really well.

    • Thank you! I love how it turned out.

  • goddamn you are talented galfren. i loved this so much i did a dark makeup look just now. i’ll send ya a snapchat eheheh x