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MAC Pastel Times Nine palette

What do you do when MAC releases a new eyeshadow palette? Put all the shadows on immediately, obviously. I was sent the MAC Pastel Times Nine palette* recently and, having played with the Burgundy Times Nine palette in April, I was excited to see what this one was about. Pastels aren’t my usual jam, but it’s good to challenge your makeup status quo every once in a while.

These are $32 US ($45 NZ by the current exchange rate) on the MAC website and are $80 on counter in New Zealand. That’s a little rough, but eighty dollars for a nine-shadow palette isn’t bad if you ignore the comparison to what people are getting overseas (and we only ever compare makeup prices anyway—you never hear anyone moaning that meat or petrol is cheaper in the US?)

Each pan is about half the size of a full-size MAC shadow, and the palette is the size of a regular MAC quad. This makes them nice and portable, but if you’re the type of person to pick one eyeshadow palette and stick with it, you might find you run through your favourite colours pretty quickly.

MAC Pastel Times Nine everyday fotd

The pigmentation isn’t incredible with the shadows in the Pastel Times Nine palette, but it often isn’t with the case of pastels. I found the three pinky-purple shadows across the middle of the palette were the most up my alley—the ones across the top are all very light, and the bottom ones just aren’t me.

MAC Pastel Times Nine eyeshadow look

To be frank, unless you’re a very pastel-ly person, I wouldn’t suggest buying this palette; that being said, the other MAC Times Nine palettes that I’ve played with are much better in both colour selection and pigmentation. I had to line my top and bottom waterlines with black to stop my eyes from looking too red and bloodshot (and they still do, a bit). I think these purple shades would look really neat on someone with green eyes, though!

I’ve had better luck with some other new products from MAC, though (some PR samples and some I bought myself) so I’ll post a look that’s a bit more me later this week.

Have you got any of the MAC Times Nine palettes? Which is your favourite?

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