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Or, join me for my very first foray into Korean beauty! Despite Korean beauty being heavily hailed by everyone from Elese to Lisa Eldridge, I’ve always found it a bit overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Wishtrend offered me a couple of Klairs products to try, and based solely on the fact that the packaging looks kind of like Aesop, I said yes.

The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream* says you look so wonderful just the way you are on it, which is always an entertaining thing to read on a beauty product. I gave it a go along with the Klairs Creamy and Natural Fit Concealer*.

The Klairs BB cream has SPF 40 PA++ (like many Korean BB creams), more than I usually wear in my makeup, and probably the amount I should be wearing daily. This does make it have a pretty intensive flashback, and although I don’t usually take photographs of myself with flash, it does make my skin look quite white even under my ring light (see below). It does advertise itself as being ‘whitening’, though, so for some people this might be a good thing, and, like, I get it bc I get that’s a big part of the Asian beauty market, but it makes me a little uncomfortable.


The BB cream and concealer both only come in one colour, although you can see from the swatches above (BB cream left, concealer right) they’re not identical. The concealer is more pink, making it suitable for brightening under the eyes, but the colour difference is enough that you can’t really use it for spot concealing elsewhere on the face.

They say the Klairs BB cream doesn’t give a grey cast, but it is definitely very pink compared to what I usually put on my face. It’s also very thick and kind of dry in texture—it doesn’t spread well so I had to use a lot more than the amount of foundation I usually use (I’ve had mixed results combining it with something more emollient, like MAC Strobe Cream).

All this being said, it doesn’t oxidise at all and does give a pretty hefty level of coverage (I always forget that true Asian BB creams are full coverage, not the tinted moisturiser business we get here).


You can see it’s a little pink compared to the tone of my neck, but not too jarring.

The packaging gets points for being opaque and in a squeezy tube, and although the concealer (in a tube with a doe-foot applicator) is interchangeable with any other standard concealer I’ve used, I don’t have anything comparable to the Klairs BB cream.

Next to try I have the OST Pure Vitamin C20 Serum*, currently sitting in my fridge until I have worked my way through enough skincare to justify opening it. This is a true cult product I’ve been dying to try thanks to /r/skincareaddiction so I want to give it a really good go and not just use it a few times before forgetting about it. I’ll check in once I know how it is!

Have you tried anything from Klairs? What other Korean beauty products would you recommend?

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  • Haven’t tried anything yet from Klairs but I cannot WAIT to see what you think of the C20 serum! That shit is my jam. It’s reduced SO MUCH of my PIH – all I need to do is sort out the rest of my skincare so I can stop getting more PIH.

  • haven’t tried anything from the brand…Being a concealer junkie myself…I wish to try it some time…That Vitamin C20 serum sounds interesting…. Waiting for your take on it….

  • punkdinosaur

    I love how you said “entertaining” instead of “inspiring” ????